Keith Thurman says he’s the “Dark-Horse’ in the 147-lb division

Keith “One Time” Thurman believes he is the “dark horse” contender who will come from the back of the group to defeat top welterweights Errol Spence Jr and Terrence Crawford in 2022 to regain his No. 1 spot at 147.

The first part of former WBA/WBC welterweight champ Thurman’s goal includes his victory over Mario Barrios early next month on February 5th at FOX PPV at Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas.

That’s a tough opponent for Thurman to return to after a long absence since 2019, but he wanted Barrios. Fighting on a PPV, so Thurman couldn’t choose anyone to fight,

One of the things Thurman, 33, brought up in his recent comeback is that he’s not taking down 35 pounds as quickly the way he did before his fights against Josesito Lopez and Manny Pacquiao in 2019.

Not having to shed a significant amount of weight in a short period of time before his fight on February 5th benefits Thurman because he won’t run out.

Thurman talks about weight loss

‘One Time’ Thurman was really allowing himself to come back physically in 2019, and it’s no wonder that he struggled in his fights with Josesito Lopez and Manny Pacquiao.

Thurman says he lost 35 pounds twice in 2019 before both fights, leaving him less than 100%. In hindsight, Thurman may have forgotten that he’s a professional athlete, and you just can’t let yourself go like normal people do.

“I lost 35 pounds to fight Josesito Lopez in 2019, then lost 35 pounds again to fight Manny Pacquiao. [in July 2019]Keith Thurman told the Porter Way Podcast.

“It was a huge benefit to me from 2019 that my weight management wasn’t proper, and from now on, that’s not going to be my story. I’ll be really on top of that.

“I am thirty-three years old. I am still in my prime, but I got my job in prime. I have been unemployed. I started both camps [for Pacquiao and Josesito] Thurman said in 182, which is not a good thing.

‘One Time’ Thurman might be flirting with himself if he thinks he’s still in his prime at age 33. After nearly three years out of the ring and only two fights under his belt in the past five years, you can’t say Thurman is still In his prime.

Heck, he’s passed the peak of One Time in 2017, and now he’d be lucky if he was 70% of that time he was back then. The power may still be there, but even that is unlikely.

“Combatants lose 25 pounds in camp, you hear that a lot, But 35 pounds and I’ve done it twice” Thurman said. These numbers add up quickly. I lost 70 lbs [overall]And I was an undefeated world champion.

“It was a no-brainer before the fight. Honestly, it’s a longer layoff, but I feel a lot better,” Thurman said.

Thurman did not mention what type of foods he was eating when his 35-pound weight inflated twice.

You have to imagine he was bingeing on junk food and failing to exercise. Once again, Thurman has been slacking off a lot, not just in 2019 obviously.

For him, he stayed out of the ring from 2019 to 2022, that tells you a lot about where he is.

Thurman’s right hand was injured by Josecito’s fight

“One of the reasons is that my hand is no longer injured,” Thurman said. My hand was injured in the battle of Josecito Lopez.

“It was the first fight of my career where this guy swings at me, and in a fight, my head goes off,”I have no intention of swinging at you the way you swing at me.

“It’s not like I’m going to tell him in decisiveness or anything. In the first fight for me, he’d swing as if they were coming from Tijuana. I know he’s from California, but he was extending his arms as if they were coming from Tijuana.”

“He was rocking at me, brother. He would say, ‘I’m going to bring Thurman tonight,’ and I was like, ‘Not tonight, but I see you trying, boy.’ I didn’t have enough to hit him like that, and I don’t know if it was because My injury is in my hand only.

“I had another good hand, but I wasn’t ready to take it to that level. I think I can do better because I can carry out my strength, and show my strength in this fight again,” Thurman said.

Hopefully Thurman doesn’t get into the fight with Mario Barrios due to a hidden injury that prevents him from punching with power because he’ll lose again if he can’t sit on his shots.

When Thurman returned in 2019, he was still young enough to perform well enough to stop him. But now nearly three years later, Thurman could dominate the 26-year-old Barrios.

Although Barrios is new to the welterweight division and not a big player, he could get Thurman out of there.

Thurman = dark horse

“In 2019, I told all the reporters, ‘You won’t see the best Keith Thurman this year, but you’ll see his world championship performance, and I’m not fighting any of the best weightlifters.

“I wasn’t going to fight Sean with one hand. It was a tough fight. I wasn’t going to fight anyone close to my age. I took Josecito Lopez because I knew he was a flat guy.”

“I don’t care about all that BS Contractors. I’m a two-time world champion. I’m one of the hottest welterweights today. So arrange me as you wish. I don’t care,” Thurman said when asked about his place in the welterweight classification.

“I’m not here for the ranking. I’m here for the sport. I was born and raised in boxing. I used to do it for a medal. I used to do it for a trophy. I used to do it just to make my mum and dad proud.”

“I’m here for the sport. I’m here until the day I retire. I’m here. I don’t care about anything else. I love boxing, and I love what boxing has brought into my life. From now on, that’s all Keith Thurman is about.”

“I’ve been hit once. Is ‘Once’ going to get hit twice? Is he going to get hit three times? I don’t know, but I’m here and I’d like to know. That’s what matters to me.”

“You can put as many people as you want in front of me, but you think I’m the dark horse in the back and he has everything it takes to get back in front.

“I got excited to get back to the front of the class. Put me wherever you want in class, but I’m the dark horse,” said Thurman.

Whatever term Thurman wants to assign to himself, but you have to say it’s a long way off for him to return to the top of the weight class in 2022 or 2023. More likely to happen is that Thurman gets hurt either in training camp or during a fight with Barrios.

Once that happens, he will disappear for another one to three years, and live his life in Florida with the money he earns from this fight on February 5th.

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