Keith Thurman talks Mario Barrios fight on February 5th on PPV

Former Unified Welterweight Champion Keith “One Time” Thurman discusses his return to the ring and much more before his clash against former Lightweight Champion Mario “El Azteca” Barrios takes place on Saturday, February 5th at FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View main event of Michelob ULTRA Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

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The pay-per-view television broadcast will begin at 9PM EST/6PM PT and will also feature champion Leo “El Terimoto” Santa Cruz duelist Kenan “Bido” Carvajal in the co-main event of the four-way fighting lineup.

Tickets for the live event, promoted by TGB Promotions, are now on sale and available at

A former WBA and WBC champion, Thurman has reached the pinnacle of the sport with unforgettable victories over Sean Porter and Danny Garcia during his long career at the top of the division. Thurman’s first loss against legendary tier eight champion Manny Pacquiao came in one of the best fights of 2019, and now the 33-year-old will be looking to start another round for the welterweight title against Barrios.

Here is what Thurman had to say from his boot camp in Clearwater, Florida:

What is the difference in this bootcamp?

“This boot camp we started strength training earlier. The fighters have to focus on cardio at the end of their camps and loosening the weights. But we wanted to establish power early in the camp, and we were able to do exactly that.”

“Diet is always the focus. Our Pacquiao camp was really strict right from the start as I had a huge demand on my body to pull off 35 pounds before the fight. For this camp we started with the 25lb mark, and while diet was important, the pull and taxes on my body were nicer. My dedication to my diet has been phenomenal, and I have been seeing the benefits for weeks.”

What delayed your return to the ring after the 2019 surgery?

“I wanted to get back in the ring in 2020, but I was in trouble. I was offered a take-back fight in the studio without fans.

“Coming out of the Pacquiao fight, it wasn’t exciting for me to come back without fans. I love my fans. I love the sport of boxing. I could have done it for the activity, and maybe, later on, it would have been nice to be in the ring. But while the activity was going to be Well, the excitement wasn’t attractive. I was financially stable, didn’t need the money, wanted to make meaningful performances and meaningful fights in the welterweight division. 2022 offered more opportunities for me and my career; at 33, I’m young and have Desire and ability, it’s time to come back.”

Why did you say yes to Mario Barrios?

“Mario Barrios had the best record out of a small handful of fighters who have ever given me. He had an exciting performance against ‘Tank’ Davis, and it looked like it would be a huge challenge for both of us. We are two of the exciting fighters in the boxing world, talented, and coming off their first career losses. It may not sound exciting at first, but if you understand what it means to have a competitive mindset, you know that we both will demand greatness from ourselves.

“Some fighters, after their losses, get up and demand more – focus more, train more aggressively, fix some technical skills that were lacking – attack or defense, strength issues. We saw that with Canelo Alvarez after he lost to Floyd Money Mayweather. Not because he He was Canelo, but this loss made him rise and show that he was more than just a boxer because he had more than he showed before losing.

Keith Thurman, photo/photo of boxing Mario Barrios

“I am not less after my loss; I will show more skills to the fans in the fight against Mario Barrios than I did against Mane Pacquiao.”

What can fans look forward to in the fight?

“Fans will see world-class performances from world-class fighters who want to make a statement in the welterweight division. Mario wants to get in and establish himself as a name to be recognized in the 147th division and could take on all competitors if he overtakes Keith Thurman.

“I’m here to perform. With all the fights I’ve had, I think this will fit in with all the performances I’ve put in and tested me. And it’ll supply the skeptics who are wondering who Keith Thurman is? What does he have to offer? I’m going to put up all I have to offer on February 5th”

What comes to your mind for 2022?

“I want to get the world titles back. This is the first step to getting myself back into contention for the championship. I see the welterweight division like horse racing. Everyone is running full speed trying to get to the finish line – and the finish line is where you crown the division king.

“We have great fighters and great champions, but there hasn’t been a king since Floyd Mayweather disappeared. Keith Thurman is still in the mix. I’m running after these current champions, but I’m the kind of horse that once I hit the curve, they’ll know I’m on their tail. With speed. With just the right grit and momentum, I have the skills to rise again to the top and reclaim my first place in the welterweight division. It’s time to get up. Once, it’s time.”

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