Macauley McGowan: ‘Fighting Sergio Martinez actually takes the emotion and ego out of it for me’

Elliot and Russell met Macaulay McGowan, who will replace him on Thursday in a growing line of Britons to face Sergio Martinez

If, in some parallel universe, Manchester Macaulay McGowan ends up in the Master Mind chair and not the boxing ring, there’s a good chance his niche subject is the man he’s destined to fight next: Sergio Martinez.

As a young boxer, McGowan was known for watching videos of the Argentine over and over, sometimes modeling his style on the unique former middleweight king. “I used to have a little dongle stuffed into the side of my computer and all weekend I’d been watching different boxers,” he said. boxing news. “One day it will be (Marco Antonio) Parreira and the next day it will be (Eric) Morales or (Arturo) Gatti. Martinez was also one of my favorite things to watch, and after watching it, I would go to the gym on Monday as a southern claw with my hands down , and I jump around throwing a big duo.”

Now 27, McGowan finds himself preparing to share a circuit with 46-year-old Martinez in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday (January 27). “I just turned my head,” he said. “A few weeks ago, when I was on pads, it was a little weird to talk about what Sergio Martinez is doing and try to fight that. But now he’s just another opponent.

“His fight actually takes me out of passion and ego. If I fight someone my age, I’m coming in, there’s a little bit of passion and needle in there. It can taint your judgment. With Martínez, though, I know what it is, and I respect the man, and I can I literally look at it as a puzzle that I have to solve. It puts me in a good place.”

McGowan learned of Martinez’s chance at random on Sunday evening. His only role that day was that of father, but Martinez, 54-3-2 (3), needed an opponent and McGowan was happy to play that role as well.

“My son, who is only two years old, was playing on my phone and I think he was calling the police or something, so I put him on airplane mode to stop that,” he explained. “Later that Sunday, at about nine in the morning, I thought, my phone had been on airplane mode all day. I took it off and found a message about a possible fight with Martinez.”

“I was surprised but thought, ‘Yes, I’ll get some of that.’ I texted Joe (Gallager, coach) but he didn’t get back to me right away. What do you think Joe would say?” She could see that I was excited and she was scared. Than Joe would ask me to let it go and I would be frustrated about it. But Joe is from Benchill like me, and that gave him the opportunity to take a kid from Benchill to Madrid and fight a living legend. I knew exactly what he was going to say.”

Sergio Martinez will fight McCauley McGowan

The battle of Martínez vs McGowan is many things. Both are surreal – a fight McGowan never anticipated – and the biggest opportunity of McGowan’s career. It’s also a fight that some will say shouldn’t happen because of Martinez’s age.

“He’s actually my mom’s age,” McGowan said with a laugh. “I’m in two minds about it. When I see old fighters coming back, I sometimes think, ‘Fuck them, what the hell are they doing?’ It’s a joke – it’s humor. Then other times I think, fair play them. Why the hell not?”

“Obviously Martinez was putting up his own upgrades and thinking, ‘I’m in great shape, I can put in some fights. I don’t know what his end goal is. I don’t have to worry about that. I’m just happy to have the opportunity to beat him.'”

To aid in this endeavor, McGowan, 14-2-1 (3), puts his trust in Joe Gallagher, a man who once represented the same amateur club as Macauley’s father – Forum ABC – and was put on the same show in 1981.

“People talk about the ‘Gallager effect,’ which is kind of a joke, but when you come in here, you get this thing between your teeth,” McGowan said. “I can see how effective it is. I already have a different mindset. In six weeks, my way of thinking will become something else.”

“He created an environment where it’s more difficult for you not to succeed than to succeed. If you can’t get there, you have no hope. Every boxer hits the sack, every boxer does things hard, but that’s a different level of intensity. Now focus on your understanding of it with form. Right. It’s mint. You go away and you feel so much better.”

Some would say the Joker is getting serious and they would be right. What is clear is that McGowan takes both this fight and his training very seriously, on top of that, finding an added incentive to grab life from her horns after his grandfather, Kenneth Talents, was recently hospitalized with pneumonia.

“Don’t make a thing of it, I’m there to win,” McGowan said. “I lost my last two fights and I don’t want to lose again. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is. I have to win. I’m not a day-to-day man who just fights battles. I’m a serious fighter.

“My wife and friends hate it sometimes when I joke because they think I’m just kidding. I love the joke but sometimes you can tip the scales too much and become a joke. I hope cooperating with Joe shows people that I’m serious. If I go in there and I’m messing around, he’ll fire me. Joe immediately.

“I’m a little annoying, yeah, but I’m serious and this fight, though weird, is also dangerous. I’m there to win it. He’s not the guy he ever was, Martinez, but he’s still a living dog and I want Martinez to win my saddle.” All these great British fighters have lost to Martinez over the years but soon enough you’ll see on Boxrec: Macaulay McGowan beat Sergio Martinez.”

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