Matt Hardy explains Jeff’s exit from WWE

Two months after WWE released Jeff Hardy shortly after leaving the crowd mid-match at a home show, we’re finally getting an explanation for what happened.

Jeff and his older brother Matt provided some details while promising that the full story would come later. The update that Elder Hardy gave in his Twitch broadcast yesterday (January 31) may not be the whole story – still largely indirect, especially about what happened the night Jeff left. But it confirms a report WWE has reached out to The Charismatic Enigma about the return of the Hall of Fame, and it should help allay fears that he has struggled with recurring addiction issues.

Here is Matt, who was helped by his wife Reppi during this session:

“Whenever my brother ended up being released, he would have had a drug test. Normally, these drug tests would come back in 10 to 14 days… those 10 to 14 days had come, he never got a result, and was curious as to where his result was. , because he knew he had passed his drug test because he knew he wasn’t taking any drugs, and he was clean – he had been clean the whole time he was there.

And I know there was this issue where they said, “Jeff Hardy had this erratic behavior, he jumped over the railing” or whatever. Hey, it’s Jeff Hardy, he’s a weird guy. That’s kind of what he does.”

Working out of fan-submitted questions, Reppi asks if “irregular behavior” has been addressed by anyone:

“Well, the wrong behavior is the reason why they gave him a drug test and sent him home. I don’t think [he’s addressed it with WWE since]…He spoke to me, and as he was saying, he just knew at that point, that it was just – working in WWE is a very stressful job.

“And I’m not going to say – I’m not here to bury WWE, because I love WWE. WWE and Vince McMahon and everyone else out there. I’m not going to be who I am, and I’m not going to have this life that I have right now. So I have my great appreciation, and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve done for them. Grateful For every opportunity they gave me, and they’re all good. But it’s also a very stressful environment as well. Anyone who has worked there knows that.

“So I feel like Jeff was kind of nervous in a lot of different ways about a few different things. He just told me, he confessed to me, and he said when he got past that barrier, he said he just knew he was over. He just finished there. He literally finished the match, So he felt it was over.”

Then Reppi asked if it was a “calculated move” to be edited. Matt gives an answer that is perhaps the least convincing part of the story – and one area in which Jeff’s direct answer will do much to confirm or deny this frequently asked idea:

“I don’t think he did it on purpose trying to get him fired… He’s that shit all the time. There are times when we’ve been in wrestling or working, and he’s just started working himself because something feels like it. That’s how it is. It’s not – it’s a person Highly emotionally charged and then follows his feelings and instincts. If something looks a certain way, regardless of whether it’s not the best scenario for your match plot or the scenario you’re working in – he just does things. And I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s likable as likable He’s a very emotional, passionate and driven man. If he has a feeling, he goes with it. So that’s what happened on this occasion, and he went with it.”

Then he resumed talking about proving his brother’s sobriety:

“Anyway, he did that drug test. He ended up getting released after only a few days, they didn’t get the results of that drug test, and he obviously passed all of his drug tests, because he got tested a lot when he was working there. Then after 10 -14 days and he didn’t get that drug test back. It was also leaked on the internet – he thought this was going to be a private conversation – they said either they go to rehab, or they get released. They kind of gave him an ultimatum. And he just said, ‘Okay, you can Release me after that, because I don’t need to go to rehab.” That was his mentality at the time.

“Three weeks later he hadn’t gotten his drug test again, especially because so little information, he either went to a rehab center or was released and it was leaked and now it’s public information on the internet, he definitely wanted to see the results of that test Medication Three weeks later he kind of asked to see, and he didn’t… It was kind of fighting, scratching, clawing to get a drug test and it was kind of going on.

“Then he got a call – and this was reported online – from John Lauriennes, and they offered him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame…This wasn’t made up, this is a real thing that happened. He just asked for his drug test at the end of the conversation, and he said ‘No’ I just want my drug test. I want the clean result, just to clear his name, if that makes sense. I think it should, especially given its history.

“So after my brother and his wife dealt with WWE and the drug testing company a lot, they actually spoke to a lawyer and asked them to help them a little, and just two days ago, he got a drug test again. The drug test was compatible, everything was negative, he passed all the levels.”

He concludes the conversation by emphasizing that the test result was important to them because the “rehabilitation or release” story was brought up by one or more people in WWE. This appears to be the company’s attempt to win the battle of public opinion, and the negative test is Jeff’s defense against that strategy.

Is the battle over? This is up to the public. From what I’ve seen, most people are already expecting the Hardy Boyz to run in AEW, so Jeff’s exit from WWE seems to be more of a curiosity than a concern for fans at this point.

Let us know what you think.

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