Matt Hardy Reveals Payout For Memorable WWE Royal Rumble Match

During the final episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star spoke about The Hardy Boyz facing the Dudley Boyz at the WWE Royal Rumble 2000 in a Tag Team Tables match. On an earlier episode of the podcast, Matt revealed that he, Edge, Christian, and his brother Jeff got paid $10,000 each for a ladder match at No Mercy 1999. Matt Hardy noted what the four stars earned in their Royal Rumble 2000 match, explaining why they got the less.

“Our salary day for this game was $7,500,” Hardy revealed. “Obviously we got paid more than we initially gave for the Tag Team Ladder match and I know we were happy with that amount because we got more and they thought about us more. We were able to interact with [Jim Ross] About it and we have been learning more about the whole salary and how basically the payday scheme works.

“You have x dollars to pay the talent on the show and then they break it down into certain percentages based on where your match falls in the hierarchy and our match was awarded $30,000 so that was split into four people because there were four people in the match. It was $7,500 each and in the grand scheme of things we were very happy with that and were sure we’d get a spot at WrestleMania after the tag team ladder match and team table match, so we were great with the $7,500.”

While talking about their 1999 No Mercy match with Edge and Christian, Hardy stated that he had formed a faction between the two teams to rival DX to Vince McMahon. Matt Hardy went on to talk about the WWE President and revealed what he was most insistent about doing The Hardy Boyz during their match with The Dudleys.

“Vince McMahon was adamant, and he insisted he wanted his kid-faced team who had just taken this big new victory at Madison Square Garden, this iconic venue, and he wanted us in the ring with our hands up,” Hardy said. “He said that’s the most important thing, you have to be in the ring with your hands up. Jeff now, brother, he just feels things. He doesn’t care about structure, he’s not good with time, that was never a gimmick, the trick with time was mine. .

“Here we are, we’re really fighting against the clock to get into this match, and after Jeff goes through Devon to win the match, we’re down and we get a hit from someone who tells us the time, ’20 seconds, get in the ring,’ says Vince, get in the ring!” Jeff is still totally on sale, I picked ** to raise it, I vandalized it while selling it, tossed it over the bulkhead.

“That’s the funniest thing, I like to throw him over the barrier like he’s my opponent. I throw him over the barrier, I get there, I pick him and I drag him into the ring because I know his mentality is like a dude and that’s a huge bump, I’m going to sell it. So I dragged him into the ring, and we got Great shot, and we got that lovely shot of us raising our hands and there’s a huge bang from the audience.I know Vince was adamant, and he was adamant, he’s said it a few times, I want my kid’s face in the ring with their hands up to be the victorious winners of this match.

“Come to hell or high water, I was going to make sure it happened because I was going to follow his orders especially since we were new and just starting to get past this turn. It was a quick moment, I dumped his corpse like a corpse.”

After talking about the hilarious moment at the end of a Royal Rumble 2000 match, Matt Hardy revealed what he would change about that spot given the benefit of hindsight.

“Looking back in hindsight, if we were told on the floor right after Jeff landed through that table, I probably wouldn’t have done it now,” Hardy said. “I would probably have been more challenging and would have picked him up and raised his hand there. It wouldn’t be in the ring but at that turn, I wouldn’t risk angering the chief. I would follow the structure and the orders that were given to us.”

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