Media Review: Billy Joe Saunders calls for Chris Eubank Jr rematch

In his media review, George Jenny wants more of the same from Sky and highlights Billy Joe Saunders’ interest in a comeback

SKY SPORTS had a solid card on the cards to play this weekend, with Chris Eubank Jr. against Liam Williams and co-star Clarissa Shields battling as a main support.

Therefore, it was refreshing to see Sky mix up a few things in the broadcast. . live performance Delilah Right before the main event it was unexpected but, in a way, it didn’t feel completely out of place. It drove the Cardiff crowd crazy and it was a lot of fun to watch from home, if not just for sheer madness. However, by this point the 10:30 PM was gone, so it’s not hard to see why some viewers were frustrated.

The broadcast included some fun clips, including a fitness challenge between host Anna Woolhouse and first slot Caroline Dubois. Like her older brother Daniel, DuBois feels more comfortable in the gym than she does in front of the camera, and small clips like these are well suited for building her profile.

Shields performed as expected in the ring, but also stellar with the media during the week of the fight. Of course, the main reason for her appearance in this act was to build a fight with Savannah Marshall, who defeated Shields as an amateur (and is still the only boxer to win the American).

All those who were involved in persuading Shields to fight in the UK to advance towards this Battle of the Marshall can say: “Mission accomplished.” The Shields took a dominant win, then she and Marshall did their part to generate more interest in the fight.

Marshall humorously pretended to fall asleep when Sky’s cameras moved to her during the Shields fight, then the pair were at each other’s throats during their post-fight interview.

The tip of the hat should also go to promoter Ben Shalom, who said enough to make Shields bite the line, and from there she and Marshall made a disguised display of their disdain for each other.

Screaming in matches between first-tier fighters can get boring, but in this case it seemed almost guaranteed that Shields and Marshall would fight each other, so this was an effective upgrade to that.

With the super fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano confirmed and Shields Marshall looking likely, women’s boxing is gearing up for its biggest year ever.

For this particular event in Cardiff, the Sky broadcast team was bolstered by two additions that brought so much to the show; Michaela Mayer and Enzo Macarinelli.

At first glance, it might seem that these two people were brought in for their card connections; Meyer as a female fighter, and Enzo as Wells. However, both have proven that they are worth much more than that.

Meyer, who has been switching between looking and hanging out at the track, was fantastic. She speaks very well and clearly has a sharp boxing mind; It was nice to see her commenting on more action throughout the night.

Given that women are still significantly underrepresented in sports commentary, Meyer’s brilliance in broadcasting is a huge problem. We hope that she will continue to appear regularly on shows along with her fighting career and beyond.

Commenting on Maccarinelli is not unusual but unfortunately it has not been sufficiently exploited in recent years. Like many fighters, Enzo is able to take an expert look at live action and then efficiently explain what’s going on and what could happen.

While the unofficial scores he and co-commentator Matt McClain gave for the main event seemed a bit generous towards Williams, their overall analysis of the fight was both intelligent and valuable.

So, if there’s one thing that can be said about this Sky show, it’s this: More of the same please. Keep trying new things, and definitely tap into the talents of the likes of Mayer and Maccarinelli.


In the wake of Eubank Jnr’s win over Williams, longtime rival Billy Joe Saunders spoke to IFL TV about a possible rematch. Saunders located Eubank in November 2014, and a second fight between the pair has begun several times since then.

After losing to Canelo Alvarez last year, there was talk of Saunders hanging up his gloves, but it looks like he’s had a fire under him when it comes to Eubank. He told the IFL he’s more than open to fighting, although only for the right deal (last year he demanded a £5m purse for a potential rematch).

He also said, “Do I think I can weight comfortably? It doesn’t matter if I can comfortably do it or not. I can do it half dead and still hit it.”

When he’s not flirting with problematic topics, Saunders is fun to listen to and if he’s healthy in both body and mind for a second match with Eubank Jnr, it will undoubtedly be a big fight.

Interestingly, Saunders stated that he is still under contract with DAZN, which could complicate matters given Eubank’s current relationships with BOXXER and Sky Sports.

Eddie Hearn spoke to Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting on a range of topics but noted that Anthony Joshua apparently told him he beat Oleksandr Usyk in the expected rematch “without a coach”.

Joshua is said to be looking for a new head coach, but if these comments are correct, it’s a confidence shrouded in stupidity now.

Hearn also spoke to the IFL about Tyson Fury’s fight with Dillian White, and stated that he believed Fury would eventually decide not to accept him. It was an odd comment since Team Fury won money bids to fight. It was probably just a blow at Fury and his team and not an actual opinion, but Hearn had thrown Tyson way in the past (regarding each of his three fights with Deontay Wilder) and was always wrong.

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