Media review: DAZN appears the leading contender to acquire BT Sport

Reports suggest DAZN is nearing a deal to acquire BT Sport, Terence Crawford seeks $10 million in damages as he sues Bob Arum and more in media review of George Gigney

The relationship between promoter Bob Arum and pound-for-pound champion Terence Crawford has grown increasingly over the past few years, to the point that their partnership ended in November of last year.

Now, however, it’s gone one step further as Crawford has sued Arum, accusing him of “sparking racial prejudice” and seeking $10 million in damages, according to the New York Post.

The papers say: “Crawford highlights systemic racism running through Top Rank, Top Rank’s complete inability to properly promote black fighters, Top Rank, Arum and [his stepson] Todd Dubuff’s disparate treatment of black fighters, including Crawford.”

The legal filing alleges that Arum intentionally disrupted Crawford’s potential earnings by refusing to market it, claiming he did so because of an apparent racial bias against black fighters.

Arum told the newspaper, “Don’t call a guy a racist when in fact that’s because of your failures. His marketability is not quite up to that ability and that has absolutely nothing to do with which race he is. The salient fact is that Terence’s numbers on PPV have always been horrific because of his failure.” in marketing itself.

This is all very ugly. Arum – now 90 – has said some unfortunate things in the past, including a comment about how Floyd Mayweather Jnr enjoys “shooting cars” in his spare time; An incorrect statement that seemed steeped in racist stereotypes. However, Arum also has a rich history of boxing and has had successful relationships with some of the sport’s most prominent black fighters; Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Mayweather, to name a few.

Crawford’s lawsuit states that many people within boxing view Arum as racist and that his bias against black fighters is clearly visible. This does not appear to be the case at all; The documents do not name anyone who has come forward to accuse Arum of this, and there have been several people, including Foreman himself, who have publicly defended Arum since news of the lawsuit emerged.

It is suggested that this suit is the product of Crawford’s frustration more than anything else. If there was clear evidence to suggest Arum misrepresented black fighters because of their race, the case would be quite different.

Crawford has every right to be disappointed, too. He’s one of the most talented boxers on the planet – and has been for years – and yet he still can’t be considered a legitimate superstar. Arum has repeatedly spoken out about how Top Rank lost money in Crawford PPVs which, while not inherently racist, didn’t exactly help the “Bud” cause.

However, the lawsuit did make some valid points, namely that Top Rank has no black CEOs and very few black employees overall. Representation is essential in any company, not just Top Rank, and steps must always be taken to ensure it is there.

For now, the hope is that Crawford can move forward with his career and fight the big fights he’s been desperate for – more specifically a superhero fight with Errol Spence Jnr.

It appears that DAZN is once again the main contender for the acquisition of British broadcaster BT Sport. Reuters reports that the streaming service is close to a deal that would acquire BT Sport at a cost of $800 million.

Reports of such a deal surfaced last year, but talks apparently faltered, allowing Discovery INC to enter as a contender. Now, Reuters claims, DAZN appears most likely to acquire BT Sport.

The move will give DAZN the rights to broadcast live Premier League and Champions League matches; The products the service has always wanted to provide. For BT as a whole, the sale could help cover the costs of fiber broadband rollouts and next-generation 5G wireless networks. It has also been reported that the telecom giant wants to move away from costly sports broadcasting.

It’s not clear at this point what the sale to DAZN might mean for boxing shows for BT Sport, which currently corresponds to promoter Frank Warren. BT also has a streaming deal with the UFC.

If the sale goes through, DAZN will immediately become the UK’s biggest competitor to Sky Sports and the service’s aggressive expansion plans will get the coveted shot in the arm.

BoxingScene has confirmed through several sources that one of the best fights that can be had in boxing is about to come to an end. Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano are on their way to meet each other at the end of April at Madison Square Garden in New York. It will be the first female fight to top a show at the main park theater.

Taylor Serrano has the power to transform the female boxing scene and make it more mainstream. Both fighters are not only highly marketable, but they are exceptionally talented and decorated competitors. Let’s just hope they are finally allowed to fight over the course of three minutes.

As Anthony Joshua looks set to reveal a new coaching staff, he took some baton in an interview with Sky Sports recently in which he discussed listening to motivational speeches.

In fact, the interview was open and honest. Whether or not you agree with Joshua’s decision to split from Rob McCracken – which has yet to be confirmed – he remains refreshingly cultured in the defeat.

In the interview, he talked about how he was able to split his loss to Andy Ruiz Jenner, but this latest defeat for Oleksandr Usyk was hard to swallow because he was “100 percent”.

If he can carry this self-awareness to his training camp to return with Usik (which has yet to be finished), it will enhance his chances of revenge.

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