Mickie James Reflects On “Trash Bag Incident” And WWE Release

Mickie James’ announcement of Impact Wrestling Knockouts as a participant in the upcoming WWE Women’s Royal Rumble has surprised many. During her Friday appearance on Ariel Helwani’s show, Mickey discussed her initial feelings about the infamous “trash bag incident” and the storm it caused on social media after her release.

“So it was a weird day anyway. I was walking out the door to go take a picture of my music single that I came out with,” James said. “So I was literally in one of the boxes, I actually got two, but when one of the boxes arrived so I kind of brought it in. What, I was like, This is my stuff, can I use any of this for my shoot like a jacket, because my jacket is in a drawer and other things, so I wonder if there’s anything in there. Then I open it, and it’s in a trash bag, and I see it, and of course I like anything.

“Personally, I’ve never been as offended as the rest of the world has, just because I feel like it’s so bad and it’s a symbol of everything, you know, even when you think about liking professionally or anyway you personally feel how professionally booked you are, or any of those Stuff, all these things aside, such a part alone is a bit like already low.

“I posted it as sarcastic, [my sense of humor is sarcastic, like oh this is pretty on par guys, thanks] Then I left and went to do anything, and then I looked down, and my phone went off, and I lost all these calls, important calls from Stephanie to Hunter to Johnny to Vince’s mom. And I called Vince that day, and he apologized to me in person, we had a full conversation, so there was a lot of it.”

When asked about her release in April of last year, Mickey noted that she wasn’t too shocked and had little left to do after coming back from injury. She also stated that she harbored little resentment after her exit from the company.

“Yes and no,” Mickey James said. “I’m not shocked by anything, you know? I feel like we’re kind of irreplaceable and that nobody is untouchable in that field, you know? I think I was in a different place among the suspensions of agents, after coming back from an AFC Champions League injury I felt like there wasn’t really enough, you know, you have it [we have that nothing for you kind of thing] There wasn’t really enough on TV for them to justify keeping me if I wasn’t just going to do an agent behind the scenes, you know as if I felt like that was kind of the place I was coming out of like that Wrestlemania.

“I kind of didn’t feel like writing on the wall, but as if I needed to make a decision on what my next step would be. Either I’m going to have to make a decision, or it’s going to be made for me, and I kind of prayed for it and I was fine, help me make It’s for me, and it was ridiculous about and then Johnny called me like the next day, yeah.”

In the latter half of the podcast, James was asked if she harbored any dissatisfaction after her release from the company, which she declined to watch in light of this, calling it “heartbreak” and that, at the time of her absence, she had seen very little of the product, but it has recently changed.

“I think it’s heartbreaking for anyone, you know the locker room is your family,” said Mickey James. “These are your friends, your family, these people that I’ve traveled with for the past X number of years. And there are obviously some of those relationships that, even from this breakup alone, will be severed. And I think watching the product on the spot is always kind of, I’ll watch now , but I haven’t watched it for two months, you know, I want to support my friends, I love my friends, so I want to keep up with what they’re doing and what they’re doing, so I don’t resent it now.”

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