Mike Chioda Recalls R-Truth Eating A Weed Apple Pipe During Traffic Stop

During the latest episode of the Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda on AdFreeShows.com, the former WWE referee re-lived a very interesting story involving himself, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio.

Chioda detailed how a trip to Dayton, Ohio for a WWE show turned into him and R-Truth being pulled over by the cops and stopped for having marijuana in their possession.

“We were in Dayton, Ohio, me and Ronny [R-Truth] get up, go and get some coffee, go into Starbucks, we were running around doing some smoking and stuff, go to the gym and something,” Chioda said. “Ronny wasn’t feeling good, he was coughing up a lung, he wasn’t feeling good but long story short, Rey Mysterio calls me up. He usually takes a red-eye flight and never wants to fly on the day of the show because he was always flying in from San Diego.

“[Rey says] ‘Oh man, can you get me a Caramel Frappe Latte,’ and I’m like ‘where are you staying?’ I’m like alright we’ll bring it to him, we drive all the way over there, bring it to him, say what’s up and he’s hanging out staying in another hotel. Then the next thing we know we come back and we were smoking weed out of an apple.

“You take a pen, the ink out of the pen, and you just poke the apple through the top to the side and you make yourself a little pipe from the apple so you don’t always have to carry pipes through the airport and s –t like that. We’d smoke the s–t through the apple, some college kids taught us. We’re driving back and I feel this guy following us, I’m like ‘Ronny, this guys f***ing following us.’ Ronny is like ‘you’re just paranoid, keep driving.’

“I speed up, I get in the left lane, I get back over, and all of a sudden this guy is tailing us in this green pickup. Long story short the exit was coming up and I said ‘screw this Ronny, I’m going to try to cut him off at this exit.’ He was in the left lane, I was in the left lane and I just cut real quick in front of this car and I cut off the exit.

“He stopped dead and he got stuck, he was following us. He had some stuff written on the pickup so I pulled off the exits, stopped halfway down the exit, got out and I’m waving my hands down like what’s your problem? Why the f*** are you following us? He backs up on the interstate on the shoulder and then he backs up and comes behind us, he was some Ranger.

“He’s got a radio, a computer in his truck, and all this s–t. I’m like ‘what’s up sir? What’s going on?’ He’s like ‘you guys were smoking something out of something green. You and your buddy were smoking something out of something green.’ I said ‘we weren’t smoking nothing, we were smoking cigarettes. You might have seen a green Newport pack that Ronny had.’ We were just trying to play stupid.

“He’s like ‘no, no, I seen you guys smoking something.’ I said ‘look sir, I knew you guys were following us for a while and that’s why I pulled off and were going in and out of lanes. You were tailing me for a while.’ He called for backup like as he was following us, backup came. Next thing you know, he’s like ‘I know they were smoking something green,’ the cops got me in the back of my car checking my license and they kept saying ‘your buddy ain’t got no warrants for his arrest does he?’

“I said ‘I hope not, I don’t think so, he shouldn’t. We go all over the world, I know he ain’t got no warrants or nothing, he’s got no record.’ He’s just looking at Ronny judging a book by its cover, all dreadlocks and all of that, and Ronny is the coolest dude. Long story short there, I’m in the car and he’s like ‘I’m going to search this car for something green.’

“This apple was old, it was used about 20-40 times, it was molded up top, molded around it, we needed a new apple and we had one but we didn’t make a new pipe yet out of it. Next thing you know, he gets Ronny out of the car and he eats that dirty ass apple. He eats the rest of the weed too with the apple because you’ve gotta eat the weed.

“He’s chewing on something and there was another apple there that wasn’t touched and it was a regular apple. This cop searches the whole car and can’t find nothing. I’m going he’s going to find that f***ing apple but I didn’t know Ronny was chewing on that apple, I saw him chewing on something, I thought he was chewing on his nicotine gum or something.

“Next thing you know, I get out of the car he goes back to the car and he goes I’ll be back in a minute. He goes ‘alright guys, what’s the f***ing deal? You had something green, this guy’s telling me you guys were smoking something out of it.’ Ronny’s like ‘look, we had a little bit of smoke, I was smoking something out of an apple and I ate it.’ He goes ‘how do you smoke out of an apple? I’d like to know this.’

“So the cops asking, the Ohio State trooper and the Ranger is standing there too. Ronny’s like ‘I can show you, I just need a pen.’ He’s like ‘I’d appreciate it if you could show me,’ I guess he wanted to know for the future, if he runs into something. I’m going ‘are you f***ing kidding me Ronny? You’re showing them?’ [They said] ‘Do you guys have any more marijuana on you?’ Ronny goes ‘nope. I ate it with the apple.’

“We told him the truth, he let us go and this whole ordeal takes about an hour and 15 minutes right. It was just funny, he said ‘thank you for being honest, you’re lucky you ate the evidence, that’s a good thing,’ we go back to the hotel, we’re f***ing late to TV. We come in, Ronny is sick as a dog, he’s taking his time trying to get ready, and next thing we know Johnny Laurinatis fines us $1000 a piece. Fines us for being late. All because we had to bring Rey Mysterio af***ing Caramel Frappuccino or some s–t.”

Continuing to talk about the aftermath from the situation, Mike Chioda revealed that R-Truth had a very serious health scare following the situation.

“We end up in Dallas, me, Charlie Haas, Rey Mysterio, somebody else, and R-Truth. R-Truth passes out at the hotel in Dallas right in the car and he starts going into compulsions and seizures,” Chioda said. “He had double pneumonia for the last two weeks [prior] and didn’t even know it. Wound up being in the hospital, we called 911, it was crazy bro, we thought we were going to lose Ronny. We thought he was having a heart attack, he was having a seizure. ”

Mike Chioda recently spoke on his podcast about filming matches during the pandemic era of wrestling, revealing that several referees told him the matches took hours to film. Mike Chioda also mentioned on a previous episode of the show that John Cena choked out Umaga during their match at the Royal Rumble and revealed what it was like to see his friend legitimately pass out in the ring.

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