Naoya Inoue vs. Nonito Donaire 2 possible for April

by Chris Williams: Bantamweight champion Nonito Donner and Naoya “Monster” Inoue are negotiating a long-awaited rematch in April in Japan.

Donner, 118-pound WBC Champion (42-6, 28 KOs) and IBF/WBA Champion Inoue (22-0, 19 KOs) met in November 2019 in the World Boxing Super Series, with ‘Monster’ Naoya winning in a 12-round competitive unanimous decision To seize the Ali Cup as the tournament champion.

Inoue suffered a crack at the top of the eye and a poor bit in his victory over Donner. It looked as if Inoue was falling apart from Donner’s heavy shots in that fight. There were a lot of punches that Inoue skillfully avoided that would have knocked him out if Don’er fell. But even the shots Donner took, broke Inoue’s face.

Donner will have a different strategy

“I’ll come up with strategy after strategy, and if it fails, another strategy is coming,” Donner told Punch Perfect Boxing about his plans for a rematch with Naoya Inoue.

“I think there will be a lot of familiarity with the way it works [Inoue] It moves and its work, but I don’t want to put something where I’m expecting something, and it doesn’t come, and I fall into the trap instead.

“So, he’s going to fight my fight instead of me fighting his.” Donner said of his desire to take on the potential triple winner in a triple-header match between super flyweight champion Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez.

In the rematch, if Donner can take more of his shots, he has a good chance of stopping Inoue from the damage he could do to his face.

It’s unclear if Inoue had thin cheekbones in his face, but he looked like he was crumbling from the powerful blows Don’er was landing.

Inoue seemed upset about being beaten up by Donaire, and he didn’t handle the back-and-forth fight well. The strength of the Donaire is unreal for the 118 lb division. Unfortunately for Inoue, no one has fought similarly during his career.

Inoue loses his temper when he hits

instead of calm, Ino was clearly angry every time he got hit. It may be that Inoue assumed that due to Donner’s age, he would roll like other fighters the Japanese fighter had defeated during his career.

When that didn’t happen, Inoue began to lose his cool, showing anger and frustration during the match. It was the same thing we saw of Inoue in his fight with David Carmona in 2016.

It was supposed to be an easy win for Ino, but tough Mexican Carmona stayed in the whole fight, firing stinging shots, causing Naoya to lose his nerve.

One could say that ‘Monster’ Inoue is not in the habit of being beaten up in his fights, nor does he handle them as he should for a fighter who has risen to the level he has reached in his career.

At the height of the tide of battle, there is usually a flow back and forth. In Inoue’s case, he doesn’t seem to be used to that because of all the quick knockouts he’s got against an defeatable opponent.

If Donaire can go through with the rematch with Inoue, he’ll have a chance of winning, as long as he’s more accurate with his shots. If Donaire manages to land a higher percentage of his shots in the rematch with Inoue, he stands a chance of injuring the Japanese fighter with a cut or broken bone.

Donner’s age may be a factor in this fight, as he is now 39 and will turn 40 this year. Although he remains a strong player, Donner’s age may limit his chances of facing 28-year-old Inoue.

Since their fight in 2019, Inoue has taken things easy, battling a weaker opposition, for the most part, by defeating Aran Dipaen, Michael Dasmarinas and Jason Moloney.

Only the promoter of Inoue knows why he supported him in fighting the opposition at an elite level, but that could be a combination of factors.

There was a pandemic going on, and it’s no secret that Inoue absorbed a great deal of punishment in his fight with Donner.

This may be one of the reasons why there was no rush on the part of Inoue management to put together a rematch with Donaire, as the Filipino knockout artist has been itching for a second fight since the last fight.

In Donner’s two fights since losing to Inoue, he scores a pair of fourth-round knockout wins over Rimart Gaballo and Norden Upali in the fourth round. Needless to say, these two fighters are much better than the opposition that Inoue has fought since his victory over Donner.

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