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the right choice

Many people wonder why I choose positivity. Yes, it is a choice, and it is not always an easy one. Like you and many others, I tend to have a negative mindset and must work my way towards something more positive. Years ago, I would easily give up on myself. Giving up seemed like a good option when I was unsure of myself or didn’t want to face potential failure. If something wasn’t working, I easily walked away from it and made it not the right choice for me.

Now I wonder how many of these options were correct. Instead, I accepted the infusion of negativity into my mind and hidden thoughts that made me think I didn’t deserve it.

Find the thing you want

There comes a time in life when you must find the tools to help you become the person you want to be. Even though I found martial arts and started only because my husband wanted me to try it, a new world opened up before me. There, I saw that hard work and effort really make a difference. Not long after, I learned the most important lesson, which was that hiding in the shadows and fear of failure stopped me.

Martial arts probably aren’t your thing (although I think it should be on top of my mind!). The question you should ask yourself, what is your favorite thing? What is the light at the end of your tunnel, the tipping point that allows you to lead yourself forward? My advice is to find it now so you don’t wake up one day regretting that you never tried.

martial arts mentality

For me, it wasn’t kicking, punching, shaping, and fencing in martial arts that necessarily improved my mentality. Instead, it was focus, perseverance and confidence. These key ingredients helped me start the journey I’ve always wanted to take. He meant mistakes are OK as long as you keep moving forward. Failure became lessons learned. I have learned to overcome difficulties and, most importantly, to accept who I am and strive for who I want to be. My desires to become a writer emerged more than ever from my earlier years. My career path became clearer. My negativity slowly faded into a more optimistic look.

My martial arts journey began in 1989 in my mid-twenties. Each time I won a new belt, I realized the opportunities and responsibilities set before me. I got really nervous before every test. I thought about turning around and going home on my way to the auditions. The fear of failure wanted to guide me, but I knew I couldn’t allow it. I pressed and didn’t give up. One day, I got a black belt.

If I conclude all this in a few words, I have decided not to give up.

Find the right tools for you

Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams. You have a unique vision and goal unlike anyone else’s, although you may need a nice push forward. Perhaps these words are what you need today to remind you that you do not need to give up. not now. cat. You may need to modify a plan, try a few different things, or make a few changes here and there, but nothing should stop you from the direction you choose. Allow yourself to be flexible. Remind yourself to choose positivity. State the mantra, “I will succeed” every chance you get. Find tools that work for you, such as learning a martial art, reading positive posts, finding a mentor, or writing a diary.

I believe you will find the success you crave once you plant a more positive outlook in your life. The martial arts mindset helps me and allows me to believe in myself. I have seen so many people transform through their martial arts practices and it changes their lives for the better forever.


Get out today and know that giving up on yourself is never the right choice. If you have a goal or a dream, pursue it and never let it go. As a child, I thought that one day I would change the world by writing and sharing songs. I think being a music star is a dream of many kids. While that didn’t quite work, I found a way to write and podcast, instead. I like to think, in a small way, that I’m changing the world for the better because of it. I never saw that until I learned to persevere and overcome.

last thoughts

My last thoughts are this. Take a closer look at your life now. Are you ready to embrace your present and your future? Are you ready to make the choices you really want to make? Just as you choose what to eat for breakfast, how much time you spend on errands, or how you spend your free time, make these choices:

  • believe in yourself
  • go after your dreams
  • never give up

Choosing to be positive and not give up takes effort and hard work. But I know that if I can do it, so can you.




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