NXT recap & reactions (Jan. 11, 2021): Warmed over and not loving it

guess what? It’s NXT 2.0 coming straight to you! Claire is on the blog, as usual, so show her just how much love she needs and then come back here to browse the show with me.

Let’s talk about NXT!

The great forenoon

Get Grayson Waller’s Stick. I don’t find it exciting or interesting, but I get it. Waller is the little cat who talks about everything and everyone who came before him. And although it does not suit me, the man is despised in Florida by the power of 1,000 suns.

But the guy made a good match with AJ Styles because unless your name is Omos, it’s hard Not You have a good match with AJ. Grayson, as a character and a wrestler, never looked down deep. Waller hung out with AJ stepping into the step and wasn’t completely embarrassed. Did he lose? Of course he did. duh. But there’s no shame in losing to AJ Styles, especially when you make it work and he gets a little bit of a rub off of AJ at the end.

Fortunately, AJ recovered a bounce from back-to-back Sons on national television. Styles played the fool for weeks, so this match meant just as much to him as it did to Waller. Which was a nice touch.

The defining moment of the match was then. Like I said, AJ gave Grayson his tools. But then The Phenomenal One introduced Grayson to his friend L.A. Knight. It looks like Nate was last seen months ago. With his face complete, he was now ready to finally engage Waller and get their belated feud. This thing with AJ always seemed like an alternate turn or situation for what was supposed to happen with L.A., which is probably why AJ and Grayson smelled of junk.

LA is now one of the last remnants of the Black and Gold team. With Tommaso Ciampa defeating, Johnny Gargano “retiring”, and Pete Dunn sleeping with the fish, (spoiler for those who haven’t made it past that department) I’m curious about Knight’s standing in NXT and within WWE in general. If Vince & Co. We really believe in Waller, the Knight is down. If they’re unsure or Vince changes his mind because he doesn’t like the way the sun hits his expensive car tomorrow morning. Then Grayson is retooled and Nate lives another day.

But I digress. AJ and Grayson wrestled the best match of the night and it wasn’t even close. And believe me, this isn’t a compliment as you might think if you haven’t watched the show.


That girl is poison

Poor Zion Queen. The man took his eye on Santos Escobar to have what he thought was a chill moment with Electra Lopez. I say I thought because after Mrs. Lopez petted Zion’s arms and asked him to return to the ring, Quinn kicked his nethers. Santos picked up the pieces — not quite literally — and Zion finished.

Solid match, nothing mind blowing. It was a little slow for a moment and it felt like both men were discovering each other. But the story does not seem to end here. Xyon will want revenge and of course the world wants an explanation from Ms. Lopez. Was this really a rundown of Quinn’s rejection of her initial invitation to join the LDF?

mine mine?

Cameron Grimes says 2022 is the year he finally goes “to the moon” with NXT gold on his side. Damon Kemp, to take a ferry from Shack, had BBQ chicken tonight. Grill the grimes, roast them, and sear them to a crisp.

But the most interesting thing in the work is the appearance of Malcolm Bivens. Was he scouting grimes? Or maybe it was Kemp? With the diamond mine down by one member thanks to the recent deavors season, it’s clear that Malcolm is looking to renew. While the match wasn’t of much importance – on purpose – the real plot is pretty much what Mr. Bivens has up his long sleeves.

Heroes are here

The new NXT Champion kicked off the show this week. In typical Bron Breaker fashion, it was a lot of bark. Lots of bass in his voice, claiming that this is now his yard. He issued a challenge to anyone in the back but tell them what to do, he does more. It was normal fare but definitely disappointing as a new competitor didn’t show up right away. Here we go for a week as the new Ranger in NXT 2.0 and the new rudderless champ.

Oh, but he’s not the only one who’s spoken to NXT followers. Carmelo Hayes stepped into the ring ahead of this week’s main event and did what Bron did previously. Milo rubbed the salt into Roderick Strong’s wounds, and also told the locker room he’s ready, the champ, etc. You know how it goes.

Remember when I said Cameron Grimes would go for the gold this year? Of course you do, I just said. I mean, it’s right above this section. Grimes met Milo and Trick before the main event bell and told the champ he wanted a North American Championship match. We’ll see how Milo responds next week. I suggest – I see – I like.

Not exactly Dusty Classic

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic match play has ended at DQ. Why are you asking? I’m glad you did. Harland went too far, refusing to obey the Five Rule Act. As a result, Idris Inov and the owner of Blade moved in. Harland and Gacy’s story so far means this was the right call, even if it came cheap to us. Enofe and Blade go the way of many before them: a brand-new team with little or no experience as a unit that would like the superstar to go far. we will see.

But I don’t feel that playing in such a prestigious tournament comes in the form of a throw. It sets an awful tone and leaves a not-so-great aftertaste.

Bagwells and Crowbars and Chairs, oh my

First, the idea of ​​anything “on a pole” brings up late WCW memories for me. Not to mention the worst aspects of that entire era of professional sports entertainment wrestling. However, the props to Tony D’Angelo and Pete Dunn for falling into a brutal violent affair deserve a match that includes a fearsome crowbar as their prized possession.

Dunne’s ability to wrestle any style came in handy. Tony will not wrestle the series and put together a masterpiece; This does not match his character and he is brave. With that in mind, this match will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if you’re a black and gold NXT die hard. The ending, with Tony D shooting out of a house with a crowbar, will likely scratch a lot of people the wrong way, too.

It might be me, but this match also feels like a change of guard for 2.0, with Tony asserting himself as the brand’s new muscle.

Toxic Vignettes

We’ve got some vignettes highlighting toxic attraction. At first I wasn’t sure why. Apparently they rule the women’s division in NXT now. It’s walking roosters if you will. But don’t we already know that? Their absence is evidenced by Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane. The tag champions are MIA, so maybe this is a way to keep them fresh in our minds?

For Mandy, Kay Lee Ray noted the fact that the champ is not in the building for anything other than taking pictures for IG. With a bat in her hand, she smashed the cameras, and announced that she wanted to swing at Rose.

Six women enter the ring…

There’s not much to be said here other than Andy Hartwell is getting her groove back. Squared Indy, Persia, and Wendy Cho vs. Amary Miller. Cassie Catanzaro and Cayden Carter. Seriously, the match barely started before it was over. Andy gets the pin for her team, while Briggs and Jensen watch backstage as they get a feel for Casey and Kayden.


Oh not on the mother …

I knew this wasn’t the end of Solo Sequoia and Boa. This match felt too abrupt and not the place for any kind of bad blood brewing between the two. Ending double counting makes all the sense in the world. But on a night when there isn’t much wrestling, another match is lost.

Let’s just get to it: This wasn’t a fun way to spend two hours on a Tuesday night. This was the least enjoyable two hours since NXT 2.0 became a thing, with very little wrestling, and a surprisingly fast-paced show that lacked a sense of purpose and energy. I understand that AJ Styles is a huge deal and needs a main event, but the new champ has to appear in more than one division. Match play in Dusty Rhodes Classic needs meaning and doesn’t exist as fodder for Joe Gacy and Harland’s madness. I can go ahead but if they don’t make the effort, why should I?

For the first time ever, NXT 2.0 felt like a nice episode of raw or Smackdown. Perhaps this has been the plan all along.

Grade: D

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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