NXT recap & reactions (Jan. 18, 2022): WALTER enters the chat

welcome everybody! NXT 2.0 is on your airwaves, so I’m here to talk about what happened on said airwaves. Claire is here too, riding the gun, with the best blog on the planet. The woman’s typing speed and wrestling knowledge is unparalleled.

With all that said, let’s talk about NXT!

I shout to Gunther

I love philosophical differences in professional sports and wrestling. The diamond miner believes that the carpet is a place to make money. Imperium is believed to be sacred and a place of purity. Walter thinks his crew needs to step things up a notch, so why not set an example by example and take on the best dog in Diamond Mine? Malcolm Bivens teased this whole thing when trash talked about Imperium to increase Creed’s chances at Dusty Rhodes Classic. Walter really wants the Bivens, but, you know, he’s not a wrestler. So Roderick Strong will have to do it.

Can’t talk about the match without mentioning Strong’s handprint on Walter’s chest. Strong, and thus Bivens, is now part of the two best games of the NXT 2.0 era. Walter is distinctly different from Carmelo Hayes. The fact that Rudy can wrestle both styles and do so incredibly, is a testament to everything about the guy. With the loss to Milo and Walter’s situation now in a big, big way, Strong may be on his way out. Give him props while you still can.

This was physical, stressful and like every match in WALTER, it was a fight. The story was simple: Roderick knew the challenge was tough, but he needed to take advantage of the smallest opportunity to get the job done. And he almost did. Whether it was the giant giant blow he struck, the multiple charging cranks, or the many times he refused to quit. Strong definitely hit his shots when he could, but it’s never enough but the general falls.

Most importantly, they were fighting for the pride of their crews. And there is no love like the love of the crew.

In the end, after blocking WALTER’s attempts at the electric bomb, Roderick was defeated too much and was unable to block the last bomb. WALTER pinned Roderick in an amazing main event that hopefully is a sign of things to come with the Imperium Leader in NXT 2.0

That thing you said about crew love? The rest of the Empire hit the ring to attack Strong, taking out what was left of the diamond mine. NXT telegraphs an Imperium vs. Creed Brothers tag team championship match. Based on the lineage of both teams, and the way the Creed boys have shown up this week, I’m disappointed.


All faith. no apollo

The first Dusty Rhodes Classic match was a tough match between Briggs x Jensen and the Creed Brothers. They set the tone early on when Brutus took a knee to his face pushing out his mouthpiece. I wear servants at night and the idea of ​​someone hitting me so hard that one or both of them are flying is frightening. But that’s the flavor of the competition we got. Briggs x Jensen gave Brothers Creed’s first real audition. It’s fitting that their first real challenge came in the opening round of the tournament, and that’s a good long story.

The brothers got a W shortly after splitting and conquering, and Jensen smashed into the steel barrier outside the ring so hard that he bent, finishing off Briggs in the ring.

I love tournaments and this was a great way to fire them up all night.

Carmelo, Trek, Tony, Cameron, and the boys

Trick Williams is a god among men. Florida dude wears a fur-lined coat. Trick, Melo, and Tony D’Angelo together is pure entertainment. How did we get here? Well, Tony D’Angelo gave a funeral for Pete Dunn’s career. Which likely gives truth to rumors that Dunn is making his way to the main menu any day now.

Anyway, Tony D thinks it’s time to get to a higher level, so the North American Championships is on his list. Milo and Trek felt insulted. They thought they were boys. Tony lists his kids (Tony the Hat, TJ the Brick), Trek says he knows his kids (Moe, Curley, they’re all skinny like Vic Joseph), and says they’re not ready for Milo. Cameron Grimes made his way to the ring to remind Milo and tell Tony about it he He wants the Milo Championship. Long story short, Cameron and Tony Dee will be fighting for the Milo title.

Also, shout out to Melo to salute The Rock with his outfit and one of the biggest MTV VMA moments in history all in one clip.

This is chess, not checkers

First, L.A. Knight is ’80s era. The guy belongs to that era of professional wrestling. His looks, his Corvette, his build, his music, everything. And I love him for that. The fact that the WWE Shop doesn’t sell that LA Knight tank is a farce.

I mention Knight because he started the show where he set his sights straight on everyone’s favorite, Grayson Waller. After insulting Grayson’s ability to please the ladies, Waller made his way to the ring with a restraining order. The first chess move of the night.

The second? Los Angeles tells Waller that another man wants a piece of him: Dexter Loomis. Waller had two options: rescind the restraining order to fight the Los Angeles Knight, or deal with Dexter instead. Grayson picked the latter and the two put together a strong opening match. The third chess move came that night when an unknown large, bearded man came into the ring and attacked Loomis. Waller took advantage, got a W, and told the world to say “hello” to his new insurance policy.

It makes sense that Waller would hire someone to keep an eye on his back and this is such a great looking cat. Curious to see how LA Knight deals with both the law And A large man with a thick beard.

Royal flush

Dante Chen is back in NXT tonight, complete with a powerful video package. We’ve seen Dante beam about being WWE’s first Singapore-born wrestler, the agony of having suffered a knee injury, and his grief over the recent loss of his father. Heart-warming things make it easy to cheer up a cat, right? right.

Just when it looked like a triumphant return loomed, Duke Hudson appeared out of nowhere to attack Dante and his opponent, Guru Raj. Hudson says he’s back, and I’m sure Dante has something to say about that. Maybe it’s because of the success of the video package, but I want Chen to shout every inch of Hudson’s ass.

Everyone is poisonous

guess what? Kay Lee Ray and Ivy Nile had a good match. It was Ivy’s biggest match since her arrival and although it wasn’t perfect, it got the job done. My problem is the ending. We know KLR wants Mandy Rose, so of course Mandy shows up during this match to distract her potential rival. We felt a little off timing because of how we went from Mandy’s distraction to KLR’s go-to bombshell to another KLR, to Ivy getting out of her and taking the win via the fast pin.

Either way, the fun happened after the match when Gigi Doolin and Jesse Jane reappeared! The full force of the Toxic Attraction attacked KLR, taking out Persia and Perrotta and Andy Hartwell.

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we’re headed toward the six-woman mark sooner rather than later.

Bow fracture (as well as Santos’ head)

Every tournament needs a turmoil. This week’s Dusty Classic first round match between Legado del Fantasma and Edris Enofe x Malik Blade. The last team is ahead because, well, it’s complicated. Long story short, Santos Escobar quickly regretted his nosedive at the Bron Breaker act earlier in the show. NXT Champion attacked Escobar, who had no problem interfering with the match on behalf of his boys, and the distraction was enough for Blade to get a quick pin.

My only quirk is that we saw the same ending in the previous game. I’d love to see Enofe and Blade advance, while beefing up Escobar with Breakker in his quest for the title. But I wish they changed the formula a little bit here. Like I said, a slight dodge.

step back

Dakota Kai needed that win. Dakota hit a tricky spot, appearing in the collective faces of Yulisa Lyon and Valentina Fairouz earlier in the show. Dakota doesn’t want to see anyone happy because she’s still rocking about her lost friendship with Raquel Gonzalez. Leon had a good fight with Dakota who put in a lot of work here and proved their worth once again.

Much better show this week than last. The tag tournament always helps, we’ve created loads of stories and added twists to existing stories, topped by a psychedelic main event and intense wrestling throughout the show. Sure, Joe Gacy and Harland showed their faces and the latter beat a wounded Odyssey Jones, but no one’s perfect! This was entertaining for two hours.

Grade: A-

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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