Oscar De La Hoya working on “HUGE” fight for Ryan Garcia

by Jeff Arono: Golden Boy Promotions president Oscar De La Hoya said he’s working on “leaked” Fight for Ryan Garcia. De La Hoya doesn’t say who will be the contender for former WBC interim lightweight champ Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs), but Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz isn’t expected.

What’s key is that Ryan didn’t get a knockout in his first fight, looking weak in his last fight against Luke Campbell the year before in January. Campbell is by no means a big player, but he dropped Ryan Garcia as bad habit in the second round.

What was unsettling was that Ryan seemed to break out of it for a while as he fell. Campbell later said he believed Ryan lost consciousness from the left hand he had implanted with.

That being the case, it’s important Ryan Garcia doesn’t take on a hitter like ‘Pitbull’ Cruz because he hits harder than Campbell, and he’ll have him all over, forcing an in-fighting.

Joseph Diaz could be Ryan’s opponent

The ‘huge’ fight De La Hoya claims to be working on for Ryan Garcia could be a former IBF super featherweight champion Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr., who signed with Oscar’s company and volunteered to fight last week.

The timing will be horrific, as Diaz Jr. exits a 12-round unanimous one-sided final to the WBC Lightweight Champion Devin Hani On the 4th of December.

Ryan gains nothing from fighting Jojo Diaz Jr. unless he knocks him out, which is unlikely to happen because he has a strong chin.

Lacks Diaz Jr. to strength, hand speed and defense, making him the perfect opponent in Ryan Garcia’s upcoming battle.

If you’re Dr. Frankenstein and want to create the perfect antagonist for Ryan to fight in April, you can put together Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr. to make King Ray look good in his comeback.

Jojo ticks all the boxes For the type of opponent Golden Boy would likely be looking to take on Ryan after his long absence and poor showing against Luke Campbell.

Jojo Diaz Jr. The infantryman was at a loss to the spotlight hitter Hani last December, but perhaps that’s what the Golden Boy wants for Ryan.

Diaz is the type of fighter Ryan can defeat, and what most likely makes him the pick, is promoted by Golden Boy. In other words, it will be Ryan vs. Jojo Diaz a one-on-one fight for Golden Boy.

In what should be considered a telling move, De La Hoya retweeted Joseph ‘Jojo’ Diaz Jr’s post on January 7, in which he volunteered to take the fight to Ryan Garcia next.

For De La Hoya to retweet Jojo’s post, it seems clear that he’s the one he wants Ryan to fight over next.

Moreover, there was already talk on social media that the fighter Golden Boy wanted was Jojo Diaz Jr. And they won’t get into a fight with the dangerous ‘Pitbull’ Cruz for obvious reasons.

Isaac Cruz doesn’t fight Ryan Garcia

Pitbull is very talented, and letting Ryan Garcia fight him would be too risky. Ryan is coming off a hand injury, mental health issues, and a 15-month layoff for those who don’t know. This is a stressful mix of problems Ryan faces in his next fight, which he says is “no return.

Dan Rafael mentioned this week that two of the options Golden Boy is looking for in Ryan’s upcoming fight in April are Mercito Gesta And Saul Rodriguez. Ryan says reports of his fight with either of these two are “incorrect,” But he does not say who can face.

It may not be true that Ryan fights Gesta or Rodriguez next, but if Jogo Diaz is his next opponent, he’s not much better than either of those guys.

Joseph Diaz Jr, Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia Boxing photo and news photo

This was the opponent that Ryan, 23, had expressed his desire to fight next. However, De La Hoya blew that idea out of the water when he announced last week that Pitbull Cruz had turned down a “very lucrative offer”.

Cruz promoter Sean Gibbons will respond to De La Hoya, criticizing him for making a “lie” about Pitbull’s rejection of his offer.

Gibbons then tells Ryan that if he’s serious about wanting to fight “Pitbull” Cruz, they’re ready to make him a big show. That letter to Ryan was on the 6th of January, and things have been quiet ever since, which could only mean one thing. Fighting does not happen.

Leonard Ellerby, Mayweather Promotions CEO, predicted back in December that Golden Boy wouldn’t let Ryan fight Pitbull Cruz, and he turned out to be right.

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