Raw recap & reactions (Jan. 17, 2022): Don’t boo education

I need to clear my throat to get the best impression on Vince McMahon. welcome everyone Monday Night Raw!. This is your weekly feed written by me, the subtitle guy. Be sure to check out Claire’s star blog for more details on the night, then come back here for some ideas. back? Hassan. And before we get there, happy birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

let’s talk raw!

Freakin’ all mighty

There has to be a better way to view Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley raw. One week before their championship matches, pitting them against each other couldn’t have been the best idea WWE had. Will it match the quality? naturally. These two cats know how to tell a story and are both at the top of their physical game. But come on! The second WWE announced this match, and it was obvious that DQ was in the cards because none of the players could afford an L before Royal rumble.

We know that the Uso are Roman fools and we want to do something to make the chief of the tribe proud. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are despised lovers who have a desire to prove their worth to Bobby Lashley and MVP. It makes sense that all four of those cats would want to make life miserable for Seth and Bobby. There is no question, the logic is sound. But why oh what is a match between them? Put Seth and Bobby in separate matches against different opponents and achieve the same finish. Because yes. The match ended in DQ.

To make matters worse, I don’t know who I’m supposed to encourage. Obviously, Seth is a heel, but Bobby doesn’t exactly dance with the Angels either. Bobby’s compatibility seems to depend on the week and whatever WWE needs.

So instead of a compelling main event story, I watch two guys that I know can’t lose, so the only question is how the match ends. And the way it ended was not unique to this particular match.

I say this a lot but with one problem raw It is the lack of internal logic. Even if we get a good or great match, the internal logic of said match is not always there. This was one of those times. Cats like Seth and Bobby deserve better than this. employment raw, Seth wrestles with Bobby for basketball related reasons. employment Smackdown, he argues with Reigns over the microphone and sinks his teeth into an interesting psychological story revolving around their history as a team and as individuals. Funny how that works.

However, the only thing worth noting is Seth’s knee work on Lashley. This knee has gotten Bobby in trouble in the past, so one wonders – that’s me – if this came back to haunt All Mighty during his match with Brock Lesnar. With Cedric and Shelton lurking around, Bobby needs to deal with them sooner rather than later because he must know that they just want to spoil his shot for the WWE Championship. right?


Bro-KO . spelling

Chad Gabel is a gem. Cherish him and *ahem* admit it, because he’s finding his groove like a DJ right now. I don’t want to say it offers a modern version of Kurt Angle’s early obnoxious character, but I also don’t want not to say it. The similarities are there and it works, let’s have fun with it. The Alpha Academy graduation party, as part of their tag team championship celebration, was amazing. Mostly because of Chad.

But this is wrestling so you know where this is headed: Riddle appeared in graduation emblems, asked for a rematch, and Randy came in for a surprise. Between it all, Alpha Academy awarded RK-Bro a rematch under one condition: he must defeat former tag champions Gable and Otis in a mental challenge.

What is a mental challenge, you ask? I imagine it’s like Deca Academy. Or a quick spelling bee. Or maybe it’s Chad’s version of squid game. Either way, there will be blood, tears, and laughter.

brick house

My enjoyment of this feud between Edge and Beth Phoenix and Miz and Maryse is well known in these parts. While this part didn’t reinvent the wheel or increase my enthusiasm for a car Royal rumble The match, served its purpose. What is the purpose? Make the audience hate Maryse even more and give Beth more reasons to scream her ass.

I’d say hitting Beth with bricks disguised as a suitcase is the only thing to make it happen. Maryse has been less persuasive here than in previous weeks. She looked very disingenuous unlike the past two weeks where her face and body language spoke very loudly. The setting was straightforward but like I said, Maryse’s dislike is strong. It is simple, efficient and best match design raw He did it at the moment.

If there’s one big hit on the clip, it’s the suspension. The house girl hit Beth with bricks. The men in the booth sold it with the same sentiment they would have done had it been a chair.


First, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are hilarious together. The humor comes from the fact that we all expect them to turn on each other at the drop of a dime. Seth’s appearance on the KO Show was filled with moments like this, especially when Seth easily offered his “best friend” as a sacrifice to the interrupting Damian priest. Not sure how to translate this when the two of them finally got rid of it because neither of us buy it. But Seth and KO are professionals so they’ll find out.

But let’s go to the match. Damian Priest. Kevin Owens. The US Championship is not at stake. Just a fun and competitive spirit. Unsurprisingly, it was a very good match. My only methods are that there was nothing at stake, no bets, and so far it serves no purpose, but hey, they did their best with what I give them.

He got KO by faking the W by Damien and Referee, and both played for fools when he faked a knee injury. Damien dropped his goalkeeper and he was amazing.

Mrs. Momentum

raw It started with the back-and-forth criterion between the heroine and her competitors. Doudrop, Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan hit the ring with different agendas. Dodrop to warn Becky Lynch about the troubles of getting what she asks for, while Bianca and Liv have announced their intention to win the Women’s this year. clatter.

Then a relatively quick tag match occurred, with Bianca and Liv in one corner, while Becky and Doddrup reluctantly engaged in another. Becky and Doddrop obviously didn’t get along, and got into a game of “Anything you can do, I can stop you from doing it so I can do it.” Becky hit a blind card early in the match, only for Doudrop to return the favor. Dooddrop broke Becky’s attempt to pin on Liv, pulled Becky back into their corner, and flagged herself, and Liv finished at 1-2-3.

after the road raw Finished last week, it was essential to get traction on Dodrop’s side and make it look like an actual competition for Mrs. Lynch and not an afterthought. With two weeks left, there is still a lot of work to be done on this front. But we have to start somewhere, right?

Random marks for prep rumble

Every man for himself. We say it every year during Royal rumbleBut it is better to show than to tell. The Street Profits and Mysterios acquired W for Dirty Dawgz, Apollo, and Captain Aziz. During the ceremony, Mysterios dumped the profits from the ring, only for Ray to show his son how true the “every man for himself” rule really is. Dominic dropped his guard and threw in the ring as well.

A harmless and fun match that tells the story WWE tells every year but takes a different shape depending on the individuals involved: even the closest tag teams don’t have alliances when WrestleMania The main event is at stake. Not even blood thicker than a manic pay day.

poor Vin

There is no comic title here. Finn Balor earned a clean L in Austin Theory this week. why? shrug my shoulder. But if Austin didn’t win, Vince threatened to “hit” him way too deep. I wanted to see that happen because if a guy of that age could do the things Vince said, that’s more impressive than any wrestling match. It’s hard to get into the match itself when Finn is the crash test dummy in this weird thing between Austin and McMahon.

And no, it’s not nearly as compelling or sexy as the last time Vince paired himself with a guy named Austin. To say nothing of the tunes that WWE clearly doesn’t know about. Plus? Vince looks bad on TV and the old man doesn’t have a fastball anymore.

almost match

Nikki ASH showed a lot of aggressiveness and beat Rhea Ripley’s shorts before their match started. So, yes, there is no match. Only more prepared for their eventual clash. Which is a good thing because this week’s game seems too early for them.

Omos around

Omos pin Reggae with one foot. This is.

In fact, you lied. Omos defeated AJ Styles. Let me repeat that: Omos beat AJ Styles. And in the wake of that victory, he installed Wrestle McWrestler (not his real name) and now Reggie. So what’s the point of hitting him on AJ? This is what happens when one blocks oneself in the corner.

face doll

I love Alexa Bliss and I miss her. But clips of this therapy session are not the step. The only good thing about it is that it is short and ends before it begins.

Raw… average. that’s good! This week’s show Edge, Beth, Maryse and Miz doing steroids as usual, a fun tag match, an entertaining section with sports, and good matches. But overall, it looked like an average episode of a show that often just erased the tape.

here hope Royal rumble go home show is at least making an effort to get an A.

Class: C

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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