Rey Mysterio On What He Is Most Looking Forward To In The WWE Royal Rumble

Join WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Russell with Brandon F Walker To promote this Saturday’s Royal Rumble event in St. Louis, Missouri. Rey Mysterio has talked about some special aspects of the Royal Rumble, including how it’s the only match where several wrestlers from RAW and Smackdown meet each other and possibly reignite old stories.

“Most of us have stories that are going to last two or three months, sometimes a little bit longer, and then sort of move on to the next opponent,” Mysterio said. “This is a chance to revisit those rivalries that happened back in the days during the great times. For me personally, this will be very special because this is the first time I’m in the ring with my son and being in the same rumble. So it’s going to be exciting. What’s going to happen? No I know until Saturday.”

Walker noted that there is a feeling this year that it will be difficult to pick a Royal Rumble winner. Rey Mysterio asked if the feeling was the same in the locker room.

“Yes, it is,” Mysterio said. “We have Roman vs. Seth, which will be really good. Bobby vs. Brock, which will also be very good. I think this is a match that a lot of fans have been wanting to watch for a long time now. So that’s going to happen. But overall, as I said with Rumble, from It’s very hard to pick a specific star this year. The list is stacked up and you have a lot of competition coming up. I think what I look forward to most is “Who’s the surprise entrant?” Because we always have some kind of surprise. I was the surprise entry in 2018, and I don’t think the fans were expecting That. And that blows everyone’s minds. I know I get really excited when I see that.”

Discussion of surprise arrivals led to Rey Mysterio telling his own story of being a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble 2018. He detailed how he traveled to Philadelphia for the event in order to stay hidden, and praised how it all came together.

“The rumble she got was at Philly in 2018,” Mysterio said. “I was asked if I’d like to be a part of the Rumble and I said ‘Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s been almost four years since he passed. I remember I didn’t fly to Philly, I flew to New York. I have a New York car service that drove me to Philly. I don’t mind. That’s what makes it special, because fans were expecting to see someone at Philly Airport No one expected to see someone in New York and drive to Philly.

“And that’s what made him even more special. That’s the cool thing about this, that it doesn’t leak. Nobody knows who’s coming out in 2018, nobody mentions Rey Mysterio. I think the important thing about this is the surprise. This surprise entry that some wrestlers don’t even know about.” Or the superstars of the time who’s coming out and how many. Because it’s far from everyone. Only people who need to know, know. The rest, it’s a surprise. So of course, when it came out, it was pumped. I was very moved and the reaction I received from fans All love? I get goosebumps just thinking about it.”

This year’s Royal Rumble event will take place on Saturday instead of Sunday, which is quite a move for Mysterio. It is believed that it will allow more families to attend or watch the event, in contrast to Sunday night where families have to go to bed early.

“I don’t mind that,” Mysterio said. “I can kind of see why they’ve switched from Sundays to Saturdays. The whole company is generally making a change for good. A lot of people have to work Monday morning. Go to an event on Sunday and get up the next morning, even the kids, they have to go. The kids are to school. So I think Saturday is a good family day to go out and have a good time. Even guys, if they want to go have a beer and enjoy some wrestling? What a perfect day to have fun.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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