Rumor Look Back: July 30 – Aug. 5, 2021

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we take a look at the rumors from six months ago and see what went through as originally reported. First, let’s get rid of some old rumors.

October 11, 2018

  • According to Ringside News, WWE’s recent acquisition of WCW brands such as “Halloween Havoc” is used in future television events under the Fox deal.
  • Almost surprisingly, Smackdown On Fox you don’t get any special editions. All of the old WCW names were used in NXT. (0/1)

October 20, 2018

  • According to the Observer, those in FOX want to make WWE Smackdown Less about comedy and showing it more like sports, specifically for the purpose of cross-promotion with sports programs on the network.
  • They were probably thinking that when they brought in Cain Velasquez. But in the end, a presentation on SmackDown is not really that different from a presentation on Raw. It’s no sport more than raw or less comedy. (0/1)

November 2, 2018

  • This site also says that WWE has introduced a new brand for “Tough Enough,” leading to speculation that the show may be making a comeback in some form.
  • Three years have passed. I will say no on this. (0/1)

November 8, 2018

  • WrestleVotes said in a tweet for their own report from May, that a big batch of Drew McIntyre has now started and that WWE has “major plans for him in 2019”.
  • Really, Drew didn’t start pushing until 2020. You can probably point to the end of 2019, but it was the start of 2020 until the Rumble win where he really got a boost. (0/1)

Well, now in this week’s rumors:

30 July 2021

  • WWE management doesn’t care much about the prospect of CM Punk signing with AEW, but “certain network isn’t too happy” about it, according to Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian. There are a lot of people in WWE who think CM Punk’s stock has fallen due to his UFC losses, and so they are even more disappointed about the prospect of Daniel Bryan joining AEW.
  • I assume this network is Fox? But even if Punk didn’t sign with AEW, he didn’t sign with WWE. Bryan is a huge loss to WWE, but I think there’s a little controversy as to why Punk had the most impactful debut.
  • Zarian was told that before Jeff Hardy tested positive for COVID-19, the plan was for Carrion Cross to continue to lose. raw Until Scarlett appears.
  • Even if that was the plan, it wasn’t really good.
  • According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, it was 4 a.m. when Jon Moxley came up with the idea to wrestle “the best new wrestler in Japan,” with the match likely to take place on September 5th. Everyone is outside.
  • fight kojima in Everyone is outside. The question is, does Kojima fit the bill for a “higher” wrestler? Or is that reserved for the likes of Tanahashi, Okada, and Naito? After consulting with the New Japan gal on the site, we agreed that Kojima is not one of the best current wrestlers in that company. (0/1)
  • Meltzer also noted that Chavo Guerrero is not the surprise that Andrade referred to last month dynamite. AEW did not originally plan for Chavu to be Andrade’s manager.
  • Andrade was never surprised. If it wasn’t Chavo, it wasn’t anyone. (0/1)
  • WWE is looking at six or seven buildings they can move between if future COVID restrictions interrupt their tour schedule.
  • In general, there were no problems getting around, even during the Omicron outbreak.

July 31, 2021

  • Rumors swirled that Brock Lesnar had signed a deal other than WWE but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that’s not the case.
  • He’s in the WWE, so the initial rumors are false and the Observer is true. (1/2)
  • According to the Observer, there was talk of a NXT contract Take Over 36 in Las Vegas but so far it is scheduled to be shown at the Performance Center.
  • It was in the computer. they WrestleMania The show in a couple of months will be the first show outside this building in ages. (1/1)
  • Fightful Select says Slapjack’s move to SmackDown happened without telling him from WWE and was only notified when other wrestlers noticed him on internal roster sheets and told him.
  • SLAPJACK did it wrong.
  • Wrestling Inc says Jeff Jarrett quietly separated from WWE in January, but it was an amicable breakup. However, Lucha Libre Online says he is still with WWE under a non-exclusive deal.
  • Two competing rumours. (1/2)
  • Front Office Sports alleged that WarnerMedia’s advertising sales team was trying to “repair relationships with Domino’s and its agency partners” by saying the pizza-cutting incident on AEW dynamite It was an unfortunate coincidence.
  • I wonder if Domino’s is actually upset about it. The whole thing was hilarious though.

August 2, 2021

  • For whatever it’s worth, PW Insider says Vince McMahon and Bray Wyatt’s relationship “has been very hot and cold at times” and Nick Kahn has been given the ability to manage things more than anyone before, which may be why there’s no such opposition to her the movement.
  • I wonder if there are a lot of jokes about creative direction and vision.
  • Meanwhile, Fightful Select says they were told the creative team was “protecting his character” after what he saw were poor creative decisions and ideas, but added the caveat that many of said creative team members hadn’t actually spoken to White himself and “I wasn’t sure if It was rumours.”
  • I can imagine that since it was so obvious that WWE had no idea how to book Fiend. This character needs creativity with an extended vision, while WWE’s creations are all about random moments and rarely about long-term storytelling. And you could tell that Bray is a man who enjoys the protection of his personalities. It was almost inevitable that his feeling would conflict with WWE’s chaotic creative style. It makes his release more inevitable than the trauma of the time.
  • Finally, Fightful says morale in the WWE locker room has taken a huge hit from this, and some veterans just don’t feel their jobs are safe anymore.
  • I imagine feeling “no one is safe” is not good for morale at all. Speaking of morale…still not great.
  • On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said he’s been told that Natalya will be back from surgery much sooner than people think.
  • It was within a month. (1/1)
  • He also said that it will not only be Hangman Page in the main event of Everyone is outsideHe probably won’t be on the show at all.
  • This is accurate on both accounts. (2/2)

August 3, 2021

  • Frustrated with “certain booking decisions” on WWE TV, Ric Flair called Vince McMahon directly to air his complaint and asked to be released on Fightful Select. The report doesn’t specify what Flair was unhappy with, but “the booking issues he didn’t like were fairly recent.”
  • Maybe he didn’t like Lacy’s stuff? Although that was months before this rumor.
  • Clinging to the issue of frustration, WWE Network Partners are frustrated with the release of Bray Wyatt, sources told Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian. Someone told him it was “really disappointing and a little scary” that the top stars are being let go.
  • Yes, it does seem erratic and I can imagine both Fox & NBCUniversal would raise some eyebrows about that.
  • The timing of former talent development manager Canyon Cemen’s departure from WWE “does very well” with the time company executives learned Adam Cole’s contract had expired, according to PW Insider. At Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said he “strongly believes” Ceman was given up for Cole’s position.
  • That’s when they didn’t know when Cole’s contract was close.
  • Randy Orton wasn’t behind the scenes raw Last night, PW Insider says. Jeff Hardy hasn’t been around because he’s still waiting to be acquitted after testing positive for COVID, and NXT talents haven’t been brought in for The main event or black matches.
  • Quieter behind the scenes.
  • Insider also notes that WWE hasn’t licensed the “personality cult” forever, so AEW should be able to secure CM Punk’s “Living Color” song.
  • Punk uses it in AEW. In fact, when AEW tried to license him, they called Punk to make sure it was him. (1/1)

August 4, 2021

  • Brian Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that Ric Flair texted Vince McMahon with an ultimatum, and McMahon didn’t do what Flair wanted so the relationship ended.
  • I imagine Rick will come back when the money is right and WWE wants to do business.
  • TMZ has already gone into Ric Flair’s story, saying that they have been told about Flair and that the WWE division “has been in the works for a while now.”
  • it’s interesting.
  • Ringside News notes that in a recent conference call, Cody Rhodes couldn’t say if he saw a place in AEW for Bray Wyatt. The obvious speculation is that he will have a place there.
  • White hasn’t appeared anywhere yet.
  • PW Unlimited claims that Adam Cole was offered several contracts from WWE and turned them all down.
  • Cole went to AEW.
  • Meanwhile, Fightful Select says he has not yet been offered a new deal, but is planned. Moreover, they say the hope was to keep the situation calm but that clearly did not happen.
  • I’m going to break down the last two rumors (multiple contract offers vs no contract offer). (1/2)

August 5, 2021

  • Ruby Riott, who will now go by Robbie Soho, looks set to sign with AEW. Fightful Select reported this, along with a note that it should be out of competition for her a little earlier Everyone is outside.
  • This is the situation. (1/1)
  • With COVID restrictions back, says WWE is concerned about it summerslam He may not be able to run Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and is preparing to return to his ThunderDome setup.
  • Fortunately, their fears were unfounded, although they were understandable. (0/1)
  • However, WrestleVotes says the thing “stays on track” for Vegas after talks with the city and venue.
  • precise. (1/1)
  • while talking Talk is Jericho In an interview, Malacay Black said Paul Heyman told him he had one night of control early in his 2019-2020 career as Raw CEO, but “after that, it all became a fight.”
  • This seems reasonable.
  • MLW has struck a deal with a streaming service that sources said PW Insider is a “big deal” for the company. There is also talk of launching a separate Azteca Underground series.
  • They never landed on this streaming service. These could be the Fubo issues that are part of the WWE’s antitrust lawsuit. Azteca Underground is not a series of its own but a small series that occupies the place of Fusion for a short time. It’s not a separate thing besides Fusion. (0/2)

This week: 10/18 – 55.6%

July 2021: 35/57 – 61.4%

Total: 4,043 / 7,145 – 56.6%

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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