Rumor Look Back: July 9 – 15, 2021

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we take a look at the rumors from six months ago and see what went through as originally reported. Let’s get it right!

July 9, 2021

  • Variety says new movie name for John Cena Argyle Filming is scheduled to begin in August in Europe. This has led to speculation that Cena may not be able to wrestle in a WWE match SummerSlam 2021 On August 21.
  • He was able to work on the show. Apparently Argyle It’s a spy movie with Cena & Henry Cavill so it should be fun. (0/1)
  • Andrew Zarian of Matt Maines says WWE wants Brock Lesnar to “stick with live shows”. They’re working on his comeback, which will likely happen sometime after that summerslam.
  • right back Summerslam. The guy’s working more dates now that I remember he’s been working ages since he’s the WWE Champion. He’s done live TV but I don’t think Brooke does a home show.
  • Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer stated that Aleister Black has the ability to unsubscribe from a 30-day non-compete clause in his contract. He could have waited a full 90 days, but instead chose to unsubscribe 30 days after WWE released him.
  • There is no real reason to wait.
  • Zarian also claims that Stephanie McMahon had a meeting at the end of the month with a network about her ideas for gimmick themes shows.
  • We haven’t seen a lot of scam-themed shows so I guess the ideas didn’t go well.
  • WWE is expected to return to Saudi Arabia for an event before the end of the year.
  • are back for crown jewel in October. In terms of entertainment, it was probably the best Saudi show for them. Looks like they’re going to move in Judicial Department over there. It will be…annual. (1/1)

July 10, 2021

  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, John Cena vs.Roman Reigns is “closed” as the main event for Wrestling. summerslam.
  • That was the match. (1/1)
  • Fightful Select says Bayley suffered her injury during a Mandatory “back to the road” session At the WWE Performance Center in what appears to be a bizarre incident.
  • This is a great shame. She kept killing her in everything she did. We hope you will come back soon and get a place in WrestleMania, Especially because she had no place last year.
  • They also say that her injury may have led to some changes in upcoming talent plans. This might be why we saw three different women who were summoned Smackdown this week.
  • I don’t know how much ideas actually go into the recalls.
  • Wrestling noticed that Vince McMahon was changing the scripts for Smackdown This week on Friday.
  • Certainly not a new story.
  • For what it’s worth, Stephanie McMahon told Variety that WWE will be getting a whole new presentation with lots of new elements when they get back on the road in front of fans.
  • Yes, not really. (0/1)

12 July 2021

  • As for Jimmy Uso, Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that nothing is happening within WWE regarding his DUI arrest sentence.
  • It appears to be correct, at least in terms of its onscreen display. And in this business, that’s what really matters. (1/1)
  • The reason behind this, apparently, is that what they planned is very important and they don’t want to spoil it. They build according to this key event angle that includes The Rock at WrestleMania Next year, and Jimmy plays a role in that.
  • It really doesn’t look like the rock will be in WrestleMania This year, but I think we should sit on this for a few more months.
  • Paul Heyman will no longer co-host slap talking, with Pat McAfee serving as a permanent replacement, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Paul was gone, but Pat Mack replaced him for about a month. apparently, slap talking It’s still a thing, although in the form of protruding cheekbones, and Pat isn’t involved. (1/2)
  • PW Insider says WWE has paused all documentaries and now-scheduled premieres.
  • Because they kicked out a bunch of people in this department so they had no choice?
  • The Observer notes that Impact Wrestling is looking to move its television tapings to Las Vegas in front of live audiences later this year.
  • They had Bound for glory Recordings there. (1/1)

July 13, 2021

  • It looks like WWE has pushed the draft back from the previously reported post-summerslam dates. Andrew Zarian, Matt for Men, says he was told October 1 and 4, or October 4 and 8, being the current options.
  • They pushed it until October 1st and 4th. (1/1)
  • Sources have told Fightful Select that WWE Creative has worked on plans for Sonya Deville to return to the ring. At one point, she was “about to enter” to compete in a Sunday ladder match at Money in the Bank.
  • We are still waiting for that. It’s the slowest build-up with her feud with Naomi.
  • The recent changes to the WWE Network/Peacock documentary schedule are “a result of changes in strategy and implementation” after WWE merged its media and advanced television divisions earlier this year, says PW Insider.
  • Merge them, which means they laid off a bunch of them?
  • Insider also says Mia Yim and Shane Thorne will drop the Retribution names when they return to TV (RIP slapjack).
  • So they never went back to TV. So there is no way to evaluate this.
  • Post Wrestling reports that Chris Spradlin, aka Chris Hero, was behind the scenes at Ring of Honor the best in the world. Sources told them that he was working as an agent on the show.
  • He’s a good person to play this role.

July 14, 2021

  • Fightful Select says John Cena will be returning to WWE soon, possibly on the July 23 episode of Smackdown.
  • back in money in the bank, which was close but now that episode of Smackdown. (1/2)
  • WrestleVotes has a source telling them WWE has some great things planned for this weekend and expect a surprise or two.
  • I think Cena will be that surprise. (1/1)
  • For what it’s worth, Big E told talkSPORT that New Day collectively rejected an idea from Vince McMahon to break up the group after KofiMania.
  • I’m glad they stuck with it.
  • According to Fightful Select, Bo Dallas did some behind-the-scenes work with WWE not related to actual wrestling before the company released him.
  • Like a producer/agent?
  • Fightful also says that Brian Pillman Jr. With MLW ending soon, the Varsity Blonds team is expected to work full time as AEW moves forward.
  • Brian Jr. hasn’t worked on an MLW show since March. (1/1)

July 15 2021

  • Edge vs. Seth Rollins is still a plan summerslam. Edge Rollins mocks bump Yesterday was the last reminder.
  • That was the match. It was very good (1/1)
  • Last week, the Observer reported that recent mentions of Daniel Bryan’s name are on Smackdown Not an indication of his return. On Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that people who work on WWE projects such as video games have been told not to include Bryan “because he is not with this company”.
  • no longer.
  • Meltzer and Alvarez both cautioned that this might not mean anything, because whatever Bryan’s plans in WWE or elsewhere, they are top secret. “No one really knows what they’re doing.”
  • He ended up in AEW, but it was clearly a tough decision.
  • WWE is still considering shortening Tegan Nox’s name to “Nox” on the main roster, says PW Insider.
  • They did, but it didn’t last long as she was soon released. (1/1)
  • The transition from Aliyah to Raw has been under consideration for about a month, according to Fightful Select. “She was said to have made a good impression on officials during an expedition.”
  • she Smackdown talent. She just defeated Natalia in record time. (0/1)

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