Russell Jr. vs. Magsayo – results & LIVE action from Atlantic City

WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr. will return. (31-1-1, 18 KOs) braved into play tonight to defend against his compulsive rival Mark Magsayo (23-0, 16 KOs) at the Borgata Hotel Casino, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The fight will be televised on SHOWTIME starting at 9:00 PM ET.

Boxing 247 will provide live action update results on the Russell Jr – Magsayo card below.

Two years of inactivity coupled with the injury caused by Russell Jr. tonight makes it exciting. Gary Jr. last fought back in 2020, and he didn’t look great defeating Tugstsogt Nyambayar.

Russell, 33, will not reveal what injury he sustained, but says fans may guess what it is from his performance against 26-year-old Magsayo.

Russell Jr. against. Draw the bottom card

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Russell wants Tank and Lomachenko

“Gary, it was 2014, and you’re fighting all these tough guys, but it’s not a brand name,” Kellerman said on Max on Boxing. “So it’s the maximum risk but not always the maximum reward.

“Lomachenko was the biggest name on your record. Do you want another big fight, do you want a rematch with Lomachenko or a fight with her? [Emanuel] Navarrete? Who do you want in your next big fight, assuming you’ll succeed [Magsayo]? ‘ Kellerman said.

Russell Jr. said: “I love Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ fight and I love a rematch with Vasily Lomachenko, these are the two fights I want.

“Lomachenko got a gift, to be completely honest. You can’t take what Lomachenko did with the amateurs, but he lost [Orlando] Salido in the pro, and he tried to make it as if he didn’t lose to him.

“He just lost to Teofemo Lopez. Realistically speaking, he [Lomachenko] You got a gift against me. I weighed five and a half pounds. “I had to gain weight, and I gained weight,” Russell said, recalling his loss to Lumchenko in 2014.

“I got totally tired in the first round and it was a majority decision battle. So why not do it again?” said Russell Jr. in his desire for a rematch with Lomchenko.

“For anyone wondering because they see me talking to a lot of fighters and sometimes casual sports fans will flip the channel and say, ‘Who is this guy? Kellerman: Is this guy worth watching?

“It’s a pleasure to watch this guy fight,” Kellerman said of Russell Jr. “You watch the fight, then you watch the fight and you go back to the DVR and it slows down because it’s hard to follow him and his feet.

“Gary Russell Jr., you went through this fight without your dad, who is also your coach at your bootcamp. You are on leave for two years and you have an injury you won’t disclose.

“You admit that you are going to [Magsayo] Fight painfully, your killer is young, hungry, hard-hitter, fast undefeated hitter. Odds are borrowing because of all of that. good luck. “I can’t wait to see this,” Kellerman said.

Russell Jr can’t wait to face Magsayo

“I can’t wait either,” Russell Jr. said in his fight tonight against 26-year-old Magsayo. “As I would say, thought is more than sports every day every day.”

“I’ve got both, Gary,” Kellerman said. “You have sportsmanship too, good luck.”

Gary Russell Jr., photo/photo by Mark Magcio Boxing

“Thank you, man,” said Russell Jr., “I appreciate you having me.

“I was supposed to fight Rey Vargas sometime last year. They said he broke his leg or something.

“They didn’t feel it was in his best interest in his first fight to compete against me, so they competed against someone else,” Russell Jr. said on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

“It’s not because of me. We can’t get these other guys into the ring. I prefer to stay in shape no matter what the situation is. So ring rust is a problem. I put in the work at the gym.”

Gary Jr. is fighting with an injury

“I’m not a fake individual. This particular fight, I’m going to fight because of an injury two weeks ago,” said Russell Jr. “So it’s a fairly new injury. They were talking about possibly withdrawing my fight.

“It makes the end result so much more. After the fight is over, I’ll go ahead and reveal what’s going on in the situation. Realistically, during the fight, they’ll probably be able to catch up to it to some extent anyway.

“This is not my hand,” Russell Jr. said of his injury. “I prefer not to dwell on it. Hell, no,” Russell said when asked if he was ‘ripe for picking’ at 33 years old.

“Now, I can use less energy and get the same effect. That’s the difference. My hands aren’t a problem for me. In fact, my hands are good. As much as I’m satisfied with competing once a year, I’m definitely not satisfied with competing once a year.”

“I’ve been very vocal about my desire to compete against all these other players. I can’t get them in the ring with me. What I’m satisfied with is that I’m competing with the forced challengers.

“If I can’t fight against another champion, why not compete against the next best player? Why compete against someone so clearly before the fight is announced so they know what the outcome is. They know I’m going to hit?”

“This would contribute to the relieving of the sport. I refuse to moderate the sport,” said Russell Jr. when told that Leo Santa Cruz said he was never offered a fight against him.

Russell Jr. said:

“Leo Santa Cruz has been in my weight division for as long as I’ve been competing in the division. He’s still currently the WBA World Champion. He doesn’t want to unite titles against me.

“All I can keep doing is squawking** and taking names. That’s all I do,” said Russell Jr.

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