Ryan Garcia could face Mercito Gesta or Saul Rodriguez next in April

by Dan Ambrose: Ryan Garcia will return for the ring in April against Mercito Gesta or Saul Rodriguez instead of Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz. Gesta and Saul will be tuning in for Ryan to regain his direction before he resumes facing the first division light weights.

If he faces Ryan Gesta or Saul Rodriguez, ‘I told you so,’ Leonard Ellerby, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, would probably say because he predicted King Ry wouldn’t fight a dangerous guy like Pitbull Cruz, and that would take an easy mark. It seems Ellerbee was right in his prediction.

Golden Boy Promotions couldn’t or wouldn’t put up a fight between Ryan and Pitbull Cruz in April, but it’s not all that shocking because it didn’t happen.

Ryan Garcia is not ready for the Pitbull Cruise

It was a good move by Golden Boy not to get a fight between Ryan and Pitbull because they might have saved King Ryan from an inevitable knockout loss.

Sooner or later, Golden Boy will need to start matching Ryan against a high-quality opponent, and will eventually run out if he doesn’t improve. It’s hard for Ryan to improve when he only fights once a year and pulls out of fights right and left for various reasons.

Pitbull has proven himself against the best in his fights with Gerfonta “Tank” Davis And Francisco “El Bandito” Vargas. Ryan isn’t ready for a Pitbull Cruz-caliber fighter, and it’s questionable whether he’ll do so.

The way Cruz looked against Tank and Vargas, Ryan didn’t stand a chance against him. Someone at Golden Boy had their eyes opened and probably concluded that it would be a bad idea if they let Ryan fight Isaac Cruz.

Cruz is the real deal. There is a lot of doubt as to whether Ryan will ever become a boxer because he is more than just a social media guy at the moment.

In Ryan’s wildest fight to date against Carlos Morales in 2018, he was arguably defeated but won by a questionable decision. The pitbull will likely destroy Carlos Morales. This fight will not be competitive.

34-year-old Gesta (32-3-3, 17 KOs) and 28-year-old Rodriguez (24-1-1, 18 KOs) are two of the names the Golden Boy has been looking at for 23 years – old for King Ray to fight in his first fight 15 months ago, according to Dan Raphael.

King Ray is absent in 2021

Ryan has been plagued by injuries and mental health issues that have kept him sidelined since his victory over Luke Campbell in January 2021.

Although Ryan could have battled Javier Fortuna, Gervonta Davis and Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr. last year, a combination of injuries, mental health issues and a loss of interest led to some great opportunities being missed.

In hindsight, it would have been a good idea for Ryan not to fight any of these guys because he would have likely lost to all of them.

These guys are much more challenging and much more experienced than Ryan, who faced second-tier competition nearly his entire career until his last fight against Campbell this past January. Ryan didn’t look good against Campbell, as the British fighter knocked him out.

Southpaw Gesta was a fighter that some boxing fans were outdoing a decade ago in 2011. However, after he was well beaten by then-lightweight champ Miguel Vazquez by a 12-round unanimous one in December 2012, he quickly went His career is downhill, and he hasn’t done anything since.

Besides losing on one side to Vazquez, Gesta was beaten by Jorge Linares and Juan Antonio Rodriguez.

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