Ryan Garcia “resuming” career on April 2nd, “likely in Vegas”

by Jim Calva: Ryan Garcia says he’s “resuming” his run on April 2 against an opponent likely to take place soon in Las Vegas. Lightweight contender King Ray Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) has been out of the ring since last January after defeating Luke Campbell.

Ryan says he chose to take a “mental health break” after the Campbell fight, but the injury he sustained prevented him from returning to the ring in December against Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr.

Combat Jojo Diaz is rumored to be on tap on April 2 For 23-year-old Ryan, but it still has to be announced.

Boxing fans had been hoping to see Ryan face the famous Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz next, but Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya claims that ‘Profitable offer’ He gave it to the Mexican warrior and he refused. Fans believe Golden Boy was afraid to let Ryan fight Pitbull Cruz.

As a result, Ryan will be fighting someone else on April 2, hopefully someone popular enough to help him win back the fans who abandoned him after his troubles in 2021.

The downside of Ryan fighting JoJo Diaz Jr. is that the 29-year-old former featherweight champion loses to WBC Lightweight Champion Devin Haney on December 4.

While Jojo was a good fighter when he campaigned in 126 and 130, in 135 he seems sluggish and sluggish and doesn’t throw enough punches.

He doesn’t seem to fit in the lightweight division, which is good for Ryan Garcia because he has to keep winning. But in order for Ryan to win back his fans, he needs a fighter of a higher level than Joseph Diaz Jr.

You can understand why Golden Boy would be apprehensive about putting Ryan into a talented lightweight like Pitbull Cruz, because the chances of something going wrong with King Ry would be high.

Ryan Garcia Fighting Apr 2

“Positives [of being a hugely successful social media star] Ryan Garcia told Noah Peck on his popularity in social media and boxing.

“The thing with 2022, though, is that I have to focus on getting at least three fights this year,” said Ryan Garcia. “I can’t worry about whether I’m making money on social media and all that stuff because if I’m a great boxer, the money will come in. You know what I mean?

“I’m ready to die there, get out on my shield. He won’t hit me, or if he hits me, I give him every ounce I can get. I have to go into the position where I’m ready to die. ‘Let’s go.'” I’m not worried about anything other than destroying him.In every aspect and in every way, he’s regressing.

“If he hits me hard, I don’t care. Therefore, I need to be right with God. I need to be right with everything.” My resume starts on April 2,Ryan Garcia said when his next fight would be.

“It has to be in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, Most likely Vegas. So, I look forward to declaring the fight, for my opponent, etc., said King Ray.

Ryan doesn’t like the idea of ​​calling his return to the ring a ‘comeback’, but it looks like that in the eyes of boxing fans due to his mental health issues last year.

If it was just a 15-month layoff that Ryan was dealing with, people wouldn’t see it as a comeback, but we’re talking mental health here, and that’s an issue that can destroy jobs sometimes.

We can only hope that Ryan can come back from his mental issues because if he is confused and lacks self-confidence in the ring, he will not be enjoying success.

When Golden Boy eventually throws Ryan into the deep end by matching him aggressively against someone like Isaac Cruz, Gervonta David, Devin Haney or Vasily Lomachenko, he can’t fall apart due to self-doubt.

King Ry wants to prove that he is No. 1 in lightweight

“Obviously the flaws are that people don’t give me credit for what I do,” Ryan Garcia said of the downside to being a celebrity on social media. “But I feel my abyss background, and now as a professional fighter, I feel it I’ve done enough to prove to myself that I’m one of the best fighters in the world And I will prove that I am the best fighter in my weight class.

After my battle in January 2021 [against Luke Campbell]”I decided to take a mental health break to recover,” Ryan Garcia said of why he chose to stay away from sports for the last eleven months of last year.

“I was struggling deep inside myself. Anyone who knows boxing knows that if you’re not mentally 100% there, you’re not 100% physically there. You could die in the ring, so I took it very seriously, and clearly decided to take that break.”

I feel happy to be back,Follow Ryan. Like I said, it wasn’t really a comeback for me.

“I’m picking up where I left off. I feel great. I will return with the same strength and power, said Garcia, and when that final blow comes, I guarantee you everyone will shut up, and it will be as if nothing has happened.”

It’s a big request for Ryan Garcia to take first place in the 135-pound division at the end. If his Golden Boy promoters are not willing to put him in risky battles, he will develop.

When you look at the kind of fights Vasily Lomachenko had in the early part of his professional career and compare that to where Ryan is now, it’s doubtful that King Ray would have the right opponent to improve upon.

Two of the names mentioned as potential rivals in the Ryan Garcia Battle on April 2 are Mercito Gesta and Saul Rodriguez.

Although Ryan says it’s not true that these two are being considered for his next fight, they probably are. For Golden Boy to look at this level of Ryan’s opponents suggests that there is a concern on their part about him.

Ryan thinks he was brought down by Campbell

“21-0 with 18 KOs,” King Ry said when asked about his ring record as a professional. Knockout number one was my last [against Luke Campbell] She was hit by a KO after being dropped in the second round.

“I came back and hit the gold medal with a left hook to the body. He had never been knocked out in his entire career, and I kicked him out. For me, that was the most impressive knockout. Before the fight, I trained my brain for a fierce fight.

“I was training my brain for war because I knew the fight wasn’t going to be easy. It’s impossible for the fight to be easy. This guy is an Olympic gold medalist, he’s a very experienced professional, and he’s much, much older.

“So, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so when I fell, I was even more shocked that I had never fallen in my life. So, it’s like a white flash.

“I got hit, and then I saw a flash of light. I’m already standing up, so I’m like, ‘Oh, I really got up,’ it was recorded that I was dropped, so I looked at my coach, ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to go get it.'”

“The first thing I thought to myself was, ‘Go straight to it. Don’t make him think he got you. He even said after the fight, I couldn’t follow him at that moment because he looked like he was fine.

“He knows my strength, so he didn’t want to get into another one. My poise was probably out of reach, but it wasn’t too bad — and it kind of disappeared within 30 seconds. Then I went back to my corner and I was feeling great. I looked at my coach and said, ‘It’s no He can do something exciting for me.”

“These were my exact words, but I knew I was in a tough fight, but he couldn’t beat me. I knew for real no matter what he did, I would tire him out, hit him hard, and I would catch him,” Ryan Garcia said.

Ryan got lucky against 34-year-old Luke Campbell when he fell in the second round.

If Campbell had pursued Ryan the way regular fighters would, he would likely have fired him after dropping him in a second.

Ryan was seriously injured and was ready to stop, but Campbell’s hesitation caused King Ray to recover.

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