Self-proclaimed Wing Chun master gets knocked out by a kick-boxer in 74 seconds

Ding Hao was humiliated by boxer “Tiger” in a crowded arena in China

A self-proclaimed Chinese martial arts master who wants to prove that traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu is not only useless and that fantasy moves are eliminated by a kick boxer in only 74 seconds.

Ding Hao, who claims to be a descendant of master Wing Chun Ip Man, was beaten in front of a live audience in a crowded plaza in the Chinese city of Jiangmen.

The 29-year-old was knocked to the ground in the first round, leading viewers to wonder if he really knew Wing Chun, let alone being his master.

Yu Changhua, the master of Ding (left), claimed that Ding lost the battle due to lack of experience in live combat. His opponent Tiger (right) agreed, adding that he respects kung fu

Their fight was part of the Chongwu Hero World Kick-boxing City Tour.

Before the duel, Ding announced that his goal was to demonstrate his abilities in realistic combat using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

He also claims to be a fourth-generation descendant of the Ip Man, a master teacher of Wing Chun and mentor to late Hollywood star Bruce Lee.

Ding had to start defending himself as soon as the match started.

He got kicked in the chest twice and received a few hard hits from the tiger in less than 20 seconds.

Then he grabbed the tiger ding by the head and kneeled it repeatedly.

Although Ding had tried to attack the tiger several times, he was shot in the leg repeatedly by the tiger’s companions.

The fight ended quickly when Ding fell to the ground with a fly strike from the tiger and failed to get up.

This is Deng’s second embarrassing defeat in less than two years.

In March of last year, he was beaten up by MMA fighter and coach Xu Xiaodong, who defeated him on the floor six times in a straight three-round match.

Several Chinese web users described Ding as a “scam expert” on Twitter-like Weibo and accused him of lying about Wing Chun’s qualification.

One user known as “Naflllla” said: “What do you think of this Wing Chun? Do you think I haven’t seen the movie?”

Another user known as ‘Musterliu’ claimed that Kung Fu Ding was nothing but a stylized striking and fanciful footwork.

A third user known as “Feng Fei Ying Hua” wrote, “It’s a fake Wing Chun.”

Ding was fired due to his lack of experience fighting in the boxing ring, claimed his master Yu Changhua who also works as a propagandist.

We traditional kung fu practitioners usually fight on a wooden or cement floor that does not bounce. We rarely fight in a ring, Yu said.

It’s possible that when he was commuting that night, he couldn’t get used to it and got a little nervous,” said Yu who owns the Wing Chun Center in Nanchang City.

“He wasn’t comfortable and didn’t display his natural skills,” he explained.

He added, “Ding Hao is one of the top fighters in our center and has been practicing kung fu for more than 10 years.

He said, “He will not be frustrated by losing just one match. Instead, he will think about the reasons for failure and prepare for future matches better.

This is the second embarrassing defeat for Deng (pictured) in less than two years. In March last year, he was beaten by an MMA fighter and his coach Xu Xiaodong in a live match

The tiger fight winner said he respects traditional kung fu.

“After all, it has more than 5,000 years of history in China,” Tiger said.

He also defended Ding, calling him a true Kung Fu master and fighter.

He said: I spent more than a month preparing for the fight. It was a challenge for me too.

Before the match I was confident of winning. But once I started the game and got involved with Wing Chun Master Ding, I could feel how powerful he was.

The boxer said that Deng would have won if he had had more close combat experience.

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