Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Title Match) –

WWE Universal Title Match: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

We go straight to the ring and out of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to pop. This appears to be a change of plans because it was previously said that the WWE title match would be the inaugural one. Reigns gets Pyro and heads to the ring as the mixed reactions get louder. Reigns stands in the ring as fireworks explode above the ring. The Shield’s music comes next and shocks everyone. Reigns hears this and is unhappy with mind games. Seth Rollins now appears in the crowd, making his entry as they did in The Shield. Rollins even dressed up as if he were in The Shield. Reigns appears in the ring as Rollins comes through the crowd. Rollins laughs as he enters the ring and confronts Reigns. We get formal ring introductions from Samantha Irvin.

Reigns tries to intimidate Rollins during the introductions and it looks like Rollins gets more cheers. The bell rings and they measure each other. SmackDown Tag Team Champion Cole reminds us of The Usos Banned from Ringside. Rollins mocks Reigns and Reigns but Rollins is late and running late. Reigns survives. They go to him and Rollins puts his right hand on his face. Reigns shoots Rollins into the corner and unloads using large forearms. Rollins quickly turned it back and overpowered Reigns, then walked away. Rollins continues and hits the Slingblade.

Rollins sends Reigns over the top rope and into the bulkhead. Rollins runs the ropes and installs a suicide dive, returning Reigns to the barrier. Rollins returns to the ring, plays the crowd for a pop, and performs another big suicide dive. Rollins retains control and Reigns moves again. Rollins laughs while waiting on the apron for Reigns to wake up. Rollins jumps with a flying knee but Reigns kicks him out of the air with his big right hand.

Reigns with Drive-By now. Reigns runs and jumps off the steps of the steel ring but Rollins puts him in the gut in the air. Then Rollins grabs Reigns with a big shield grenade through the ad table, or just a regular powerbomb. The fans are excited and Rollins is bringing Reigns back into the ring. Rollins grabs a Frogsplash upper rope but Reigns breaks off just in time.

Rollins wastes some time after climbing back into the corner. He goes towards the switch but Reigns turns away from him. Reigns goes to Spear but Rollins kicks him. Rollins continues to fight and hits Reigns in the back of the neck. He follows Rollins with a clip bomb and then hits a stomp for a massive pop. Reigns’ kicks start at the right time and Rollins can’t believe it. Fans are also in shock.

Rollins laughs as he waits for Riggins to recover. Rollins goes to Stomp but Reigns turns him inside out with a big clothesline. Both are trying to recover but Reigns pounces a bit and runs fast during the touchdown, Rollins mounts and unloads with hits while the referee warns him. Reigns performs Rollins and hits him very hard in the middle of the ring for two counts. Reigns talks about some trash as he gets to his feet. He stops and empties his arms because Rollins is laughing at him. Rollins blocks a shot and pulls Reigns to an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Reigns advances aggressively and slams Rollins too hard.

Rollins charges but Reigns steps sideways and sends him to the center of the ring. Reigns follows Rollins to the ground and shoots him into the barrier, sending him into the timer area. Reigns sends Rollins into the steel ring steps now and maintains control. Reigns brings it back to him and stands tall so the audience can recognize him but mostly boo. Rollins rolls out with Superman for a punch but he still shoots at 2. Rollins rolls out for a break. Reigns runs and delivers another spear to the ground. Reigns brings him back to the ring and often irritates the crowd. Reigns calls Spear and runs but Rollins turns her into an asset. Rollins is slow to make the cover but Reigns kicks right before the count of 3.

Fans chant “That’s cool!” right Now. Rollins gets ready in the corner and gets the message “Burn it!” cheers while he tramples. Stomp side steps prevail and they exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Rollins elbows and kicks to the head while unloading. Reigns exits and Rollins climbs. They run the ropes and Reigns hits a big spear. Rollins starts laughing as he lies on his back. Reigns gets to his knees first. Rollins offers his fist for a bump with a shield-style fist, saying they’ll always be brothers. Reigns now walks while Rollins continues to laugh and shout about The Shield, still on the carpet.

Reigns snaps slightly and grabs Rollins, then drops him forcefully into the guillotine. Reigns tightens his grip as Rollins tries to break free and reach the ropes. Reigns tightens it even more, but Rollins falters and his arm falls before he can touch the lower rope. Referee Charles Robinson checks the arm but Rollins grabs the lower rope. Reigns keeps the hold closed because the referee counts to 5. He will not let Reigns and the referee call the bout while Rollins holds the rope. Boo fans.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

After the bell, the referee shouts at Reigns to break the suspension but Reigns shouts that Rollins deserves it and forces him to do so. Reigns finally breaks his fist and gets back to his feet. Rollins is still frustrated and fans are not happy. Fans chant “Roman is disgusting!” Now as the chief of the tribe looks at the crowd. Rollins is still down. Reigns slowly exits the ring and walks to a steel chair…

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