Summer Rae Details Her Injuries Ahead Of 2017 WWE Release

Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae . joins Sessions with Renee Beckett Tuesday morning, in addition to talking about her announced appearance at the 2022 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble, she also spoke about why she originally left WWE in 2017.

“I had a bony bump in my cervical vertebrae, C4,” Summer said. “And then I had thoracic outlet syndrome. I think you can live with bone spurs. Older people have car accidents and things like that, even though I’m too young to have it. But thoracic outlet syndrome is awful. Lots of league shooters have it.” The main one and it’s called TOS. Anytime I bend my hand it’s like a lot of pain. For weight lifting, I do five to ten pounds because its nerves are basically damaged. What they wanted to do was remove the first rib. I was like ‘No at all, I don’t do it. I will always go to a physical therapist or a chiropractor. “

When Buckett asked if the injuries were caused by wrestling, Summer Ray confirmed that was in fact the case. She believes that the constant trauma helped with the injuries, though she doesn’t think it would stop her from wrestling now and then if she wanted to.

“It’s from constant trauma,” Samar said. “Bone spurs are the ones who do this constantly (wrestling). You can do a lot. And the nerve damage is probably from pinched nerves. I could probably have had more PT during that, maybe I should have treated once a week. So that’s Weird. It wasn’t just one bump. When Nikki Bella managed to track it down to where it was, I’m really glad she got licensed to compete.

For me, the question was not ‘Am I acquitted or not?’ “Continent. I don’t really know. Like I’ll be fine, but then I’ll need to adjust and stuff. I personally don’t think I can be on the road 300 days a year again. But I can definitely do a few things. I’m also not looking forward to getting into There and doing suplexes, I’d rather do whatever’s in there and shoot the adrenaline. But I also just walked around with some people and things and did some mixed martial arts, and it didn’t feel rusty.”

Ultimately, injuries prevented Summer Ray from wrestling for over a year, and inactivity eventually led to her release. Summer believes things have been handled well between her and WWE on her way out, and ultimately believes the release gave her the opportunity to pursue other projects.

“So when all of this happened, I kind of took a cold from WWE and got treatment and was going to rehab three to four times a week and was out of the way,” Summer said. “And then when I started feeling kind of better, it was so long ago that I don’t remember if I asked to get back on the road. I wanted to use like acting ability or managerial ability.

“I definitely remember having a great talk with Vince, and I’m very honest with him. With the company at the time, it’s different than it is now. I was at Maxim Hot 100, or I had this company that wanted to do a photoshoot with me, but it’s Legally they have to go through WWE to book me in. So I was all ‘if I’m sitting at home getting paid, that’s nice for home viewers, but for me, I’m not getting old. I’m getting old every year and I don’t do anything creatively.

“So I had really good conversations with him. He loved me as a voice and as a manager and he was like ‘yeah, let’s find space with you.’ But I totally understood that I’m not Randy Orton either, and he’s out of sight and out of mind. When you’re at home, you’re out of sight a lot.” I was proud of myself for having talked a lot at the end, but I also think now that I’m just a completely different human being and have been through many things since I left and have learned how to navigate work more.

“Eventually they let me go, which is great because then you have a different set of royalties than if you let go. Technically, I got fired, but it was with great communication. I always knew I personally thought I would never have left if I hadn’t Injured. I definitely think the universe caused me injury to set me free and let me do it. There were so many times I felt I should have left before, and I didn’t. It’s comforting too and it’s good to have steady money after the pandemic. You realize How amazing is that.”

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