The Real Reasons You Didn’t Reach Your Strength Potential – Elite FTS

2022 seems to have crept in on us, and as I remember sitting at my computer with fear and uncertainty at this very moment last year, I can happily say that I am more at peace with my future and where the industry is heading. I’m not the boss of sugar coats things. I like … Read more

A Case for Directly Training the Hip Flexors – Elite FTS

While the glutes have received more and more love over the past decade, the antagonistic hip flexors are a group of muscles that used to be hated by many professionals and trainees as a pain in the butt group of stiffness and hip problems. While this can be a tough and problematic area, especially with … Read more

The Eternal Triangle of Sports Weight Training – Elite FTS

What is the shape of the eternal triangle for athletic weight training? While it is likely not an equilateral triangle where all training variables are given equal time, it is either an isosceles triangle (two sides of the same length) or a graduated triangle. As isosceles, two aspects of development are given equal time. A … Read more

Technique’s Role in Injury Risk – Elite FTS

Spend some time in the world of rehabilitation or evidence-based training, and you may hear, “Technology has nothing to do with injury risk.” Recently, there has been greater and greater promotion of the idea that our bodies are resilient and can adapt to the demands placed upon them; We can adapt, get stronger, and build … Read more

Thank You Andy, Tony, and Dickhead Steve Jones – Elite FTS

I haven’t seen Pumping Iron in years, but it popped up while flipping through Amazon Prime, and decided to watch it tonight. I probably watched “Pumping Iron” a hundred times before I turned 17, and that’s a conservative estimate. There were times I would watch every day for weeks because, of course, there were no … Read more

Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time – Elite FTS

If you want to increase muscle building and burn fat simultaneously, this method is for you. What I’m about to tell you will definitely change your image of how to do training! Most people think that you have to build muscle in one session or period and burn fat in another. But this does not … Read more

How to Transition From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset – Elite FTS

A group of my friends and I were hanging out one night, and somehow we came up with the topic of how random people get rich and famous by doing the dumbest things, sometimes by accident. For example, the girl “Catch Me Outside”, Danielle Bregoli’s fortune is estimated at 4 million dollars just for participating … Read more

General Concepts and Progression of the Omni-Contraction System – Elite FTS

I want to start this article by saying that I did not make this system. I’m simply passing on what I’ve learned over the past three or four months and how I’ve applied it myself. I started researching this system earlier this past spring after hearing Ben Prentice talk (from Prentice’s hockey performance) on the … Read more

The Zercher Squat and the High School Athlete – Elite FTS

Squatting is one of the most beneficial and necessary movements for a high school athlete. Few movements will build as much strength and flexibility as the squat and should be an essential exercise for any successful high school strength training program. High school age athletes are adaptable and must learn all the nuances of how … Read more

The Gravitas of Dave Draper – Elite FTS

Recently, I was pen to paper and wrote about the famous golden age bodybuilder, Dave Draper, the “blonde slayer.” As of late, it feels like a decade ago where the pandemic separated then from now, but in reality, it has only been a few years. The first article, related to the struggle, was published on … Read more