5 Basic Training Principles  – Elite FTS

The first time I touched a barbell was probably twelve years ago as a young high school athlete. I had no idea what was going on. I’ve been taking training seriously for about seven years. Just two years ago, after hearing Dave Tate and Jim Wendler talk about training philosophies, I decided to start drafting … Read more

4-Week Hypertrophy Block for the Powerlifter – Elite FTS

One month, four weeks, 30(ish) days, 43,200 minutes…however you look at it, a month is enough time to scale back and pack on some muscle or lean up. After a powerlifting competition, a month is a great time to step away from going extra heavy to give the body a break. Many of us use … Read more

The Discovery of Life Through Lifting Weights – Elite FTS

Let me explain my opinion and outlook on this world through lifting weights—a lifetime of relentless obsession and pursuit of muscle inside the four walls of a gym. Where are you right now? I’m not talking about your physical location. I’m asking you where your mind is as you read this. Are you paying attention? … Read more

5 Essential Questions to Get Strong and Jacked—Answer Now! – Elite FTS

Now, I am no stranger to the meta of the Internet in terms of creating content. This last year alone, I have helped produce over 50 podcast episodes, 100+ YouTube videos, and more shorts/TikToks than I wish to remember. Now, this may sound like a not so humble brag, but I KNOW how typical the … Read more

The Work Hard Fallacy – Elite FTS

There are waves of disinformation in the fitness industry. Some of them are relatively harmless or are just exaggerations of relevance to anyone but top athletes. Examples include diet fads that ignore calorie intake and most supplement recommendations that aren’t caffeine-, creatine-, or protein-related. Then there is the harmful stuff—steroids and other performance-enhancing drug recommendations … Read more

4 (Big) Training Mistakes You’re Making – Elite FTS

I’ve been at this lifting game for a long time and have learned a lot. My hunger for knowledge allowed me to become one of the best powerlifters in the world. Even though my days of chasing insane strength are behind me now, I still love lifting. I am still training hard and learning every … Read more

Pro Squat Tip: Perform Eccentrics – Elite FTS

I wrote an article four years ago about finding the best squat stance for your anatomy: Find Your Perfect Squat in Five Minutes. Now I want to make an update so you continue to perfect the squat (and lifting) system. Squat Technique Technique doesn’t automatically correct itself just because you change your squat stance. You … Read more

Conjugate for the High School Basketball Player – Elite FTS

How to Organize the Training Week Implementing conjugate for the high school basketball player, let’s discuss how to best organize the training week. When I started programming, I tried to compress the typical four-day split into two days. What ended up happening was specific strengths were not covered due to lack of time. Unlike most … Read more

Connect By Entering Their World – Elite FTS

A few days ago, I was on a call with a friend who has an autistic son. I’m always ferociously writing notes on these calls hoping I can connect data points to provide some form of outside perspective clarity. Typically, a few days later, I can process all the information given, spot common threads, and … Read more

Program Variation Based on Recovery Status – Elite FTS

“The ability to train is governed by the ability to recover.” I don’t remember where I first heard that phrase, but it rings true across all types of training. When I discovered the Intensity Number of Lifts (INOL) method of assessing training, I loved the numerical simplicity and the ease of classifying a session. RECENT: … Read more