Tank’s trainer Calvin Ford says “We’re waiting on that fight”

by Alan Fox: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ coach Calvin Ford says they’re waiting for a huge fight with Vasily Lomachenko and thinks it’s going to be a huge competition when it happens.

Davis could have fought Lomachenko years ago, but his promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. He didn’t choose to let Tank into battle.

Mayweather is believed to be waiting until Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) is old enough before letting Gerfonta face him.

It’s too bad because it would have been huge had Tank fought Lomachenko two to three years ago.

Ford says that in 2022, all light weights will be fighting with each other. Boxing fans doubt whether the 135-year-old’s top players will fight this year or choose to exploit their titles in the face of weak competition.

Gerfonta Davis vs. Vasily Lomachenko = Chess Match

Davis will need to fight much better than he did in his last match against Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz if he is to fight Lomachenko now. However, we don’t know if that fight will happen soon.

If Mayweather waits three to five years before letting Tank Davis fight Lomachenko, then you’ll have to give the Baltimore native a chance to win.

It would be a breath of fresh air if Mayweather allowed Tank Davis to fight Lomachenko now because it would be pointless to hold the bout if Loma was old and up the hill.

“We’re waiting for that fight,” coach Calvin Ford told ESNEWS when asked about his thoughts on Gervonta Davis’ future fight against Vasily Lomachenko.

“It’s going to be a chess match. I don’t know if Loma will take a risk with Tank, but this is a huge fight, to tell you the truth. It’s a fight people have been waiting for.

“I do not know what his [Lomachenko] The next battle. 2022 will be a really interesting year for all of them, to tell you the truth because they have to fight each other.

I heard Shakur is trying to fight them. “That’s a good thing, it’s an escalation battle for both of them,” Ford said in reaction to the news of Stevenson’s fight with Oscar Valdez on April 30. “I will always work to grow with Shakur.

Ford on Gerfonta fighting Camposus

“I don’t train for knockouts, but it’s going to be a brutal fight,” Ford said when asked what happens when Girfonta fights undisputed lightweight champion George Camposos Jr.

I don’t think Gerfonta will fight the undisputed lightweight champion George Camposos Jr. for several reasons. First, it would require Tank Davis to travel to Australia to fight on the field.

Tank promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. wouldn’t put him in a situation where the visiting fighter would face Australian George Camposus Jr in his native Australia.

Although it would be an easily winnable fight with Tank Davis that would earn him huge money and increase his popularity, it is unlikely that Mayweather would allow him to take on the fight with Camposus.

Instead, we’ll see Rolando Romero, Tank’s teammate fighting Mayweather’s teammate, in a low-level match, which will be sold out at Showtime PPV. I can’t imagine this fight bringing in more than a small handful of pay-per-view purchases.

Ryan Garcia vs Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz

Man, how many times will we hear Ryan fight? Somebody? Hunter told ESNEWS when asked about his thoughts on Ryan Garcia fighting Isaac Cruz.

“Ryan isn’t going to fight anyone until he’s in the ring. It’s that easy,” Ford said when he was reminded that Ryan sustained a wrist injury while training for his canceled fight with Joseph Jogo Diaz Jr. last November.

The problem Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) has is that he is already a millionaire and is only 23 years old. Despite mainly overcoming the opposition of Fuzz throughout his career, he has earned a net worth 10 million dollars He makes a lot of money on social media.

When you have the kind of money Ryan has, it must be hard for him to find the motivation to step it up and start fighting the good opposition?

To fight the guys Ryan needs to improve, you have to live boxing 100%, and he just won’t. Hence, Ryan only fought once in the past year and pulled out of two fights.

“I’m at a point with Ryan where I just want to see him in the track, and I’ll be back on the plane,” Ford said. “The fight is a good fight because Ryan picks that fight. They think they can get Cruz out of there faster than Tank.

It’s a recipe for what all fighters do. They’ll fight someone else and go, “I got them out faster.” It’s to get the crowd interested and talk and everything.

“If he could get Isaac in the ring, he would take the fight if they put up a fight his people would take as much money,” Ford said of Ryan Garcia.

As of two weeks ago, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions has ruled Ryan Garcia from facing Isaac Cruz. De La Hoya said that Pitbull refused to fight with Ryan.

Interestingly, Cruz promoter Sean Gibbons responded to De La Hoya saying he gave fans the wrong message. Gibbons then invited Ryan to start talks to fight with Cruz.

Since then, Ryan hasn’t peeked at Cruz, which suggests he doesn’t want that smoke.

Rumored that the fighter Ryan will face in April is Joseph Jojo Diaz Jr. They are said to be rescheduling that fight, which makes sense for the Golden Boy shows because they’re promoting Ryan and JoJo.

It will be an inside fight and Ryan will be able to win it, but it will do nothing in his career because JoJo is not an elite level fighter. Furthermore, Jojo is coming off a loss to WBC Lightweight Champion Devin Haney.

If the Golden Boy wanted to turn Ryan into a star, they would meet him against Vasily Lomachenko, Kambosos Jr, Isaac Cruz, Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney.

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