Team Magsayo says Russell Injured DURING fight, not before

Manny Pacquiao Promotions president, Seab Gibbons, said WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr. He was injured during a fight last Saturday night due to a forced blow to his right shoulder by his opponent during the fourth round at Borgata Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The judges gave Magcio a 12-round majority decision with scores of 114, 115-113 and 115-113.

Gibbons states that 33-year-old Russell Jr.’s claims of a previous shoulder injury were nothing more than a “predetermined excuse” to say he avoids owning the 12th-round majority decision he suffered at the hands of the undefeated. Magsayo (24-0, 16 KOs).

According to Gibbons, there was nothing wrong with entering Russell Jr’s shoulder (31-2, 18 KO) in the fight, but after being hit hard, he was injured.

Magsayo, 26, agrees with Gibbons, saying that Russell Jr. used his right shoulder without any problems during the first three rounds, but after he put him in the arm in the fourth, that’s when the injury occurred.

If the injury occurred at four, it is unclear why Russell Jr. claims to have injured him during combat training camp. Is it because Russell wanted an excuse so he wouldn’t have to admit he lost to the better guy?

Interestingly, Russell Jr. said after the fight that he felt he won “10 rounds 2 and 9 rounds to 3” and that he gave Magsayo a “boxing lesson” using only one arm from the fourth round.

Magsayo won’t wait two years to rematch

“It depends on my promoter, Sean,” Magsayo said when asked if he’d give Russell Jr. a second match.

“We’ll look at everything, man,” Shawn Gibbons told the media last Saturday night about the possibility of Magsayo rematching Russell Jr. “We were the crap for this. We won it, got here and beat Gary.

“The problem is giving it to him [Russell Jr] rematch I don’t know what year it will happen. He only fights once every year or two. Ultimately fought Russell Jr. again when the undefeated 126-pound WBC champ returned in his annual battle, Gibbons said in Magsayo.

At this point, Gibbons says they don’t want to wait around one to two years before Russell Jr. is ready to fight back to give him a rematch.

Magsayo and Gibbons say they won’t wait for Russell to return to fight his once-a-year fight, and will go ahead and defend against WBC mandatory Rey Vargas after that.

Gibbons: Russell injured Magsayo

“I’m just following boot camp, the boxing plan. So, I don’t care what it is. He’s just talking,” Magsayo said when asked if he knew Russell Jr. was injured in the fight.

“I want to explain Gary’s injury,” Gibbons said.was injured [caused by] Mark Magsayo. he [Russell Jr] He made predetermined excuses because he just walked out of the ring, not fighting. He has no problem with that [right] shoulder.

“He was doubling on that shot he was throwing at Mark. So, I love my neighbor, he’s a likable guy, but no excuses, man,” said Shawn Gibbons, punching a hole in Russell’s shoulder injury excuse he was using to try and explain his loss to Magsayo.

In his clarification, Magsayo said that Russell Jr. was injured during a fight, not before, as he claims.

He wounded her in the fight. He was unhurt when Mark walked in, said Gibbons of Russell Jr., “It was painful.”

It would have been helpful if Russell Jr. revealed what his injury was before the fight because he had already alerted the media that he was going into battle with a pre-existing problem.

Nobody knows if the injury that Russell Jr. is referring to is a shoulder problem or something else.

During the fight, Russell Jr. appeared to have problems with one of his legs, and this may have been the injury he was telling the media about.

In hindsight, Russell Jr. has only himself to blame for fighting Magsayo due to an injury. It’s Russell’s fault that he chose to fight because of an injury, and now he’s paying the price with losing his title.

What hurts Russell Jr. more than anything else is that he can’t force Gibbons and Magsayo to give him a rematch. Since this is a mandatory defense of Russell, it means that Magsayo doesn’t have to give him a rematch.

From what Gibbons says, he’ll likely go ahead and face mandatory WBC Rey Vargas next instead of facing Russell Jr. once again.

Where does Russell Jr. go now? He’s too young to fight at 130 or 135, so he should stay at 126 and chase one of these featherweight champions:

  • Leo Santa Cruz – WBA “Super”
  • Lee Wood – WBA “Normal”
  • Emmanuel Navarrete – WBO

Rey Vargas next to Magsayo

“Yes, but his speed is good,” Magsayo said when asked if he was considering a knockout attempt Russell Jr. when he noticed he was injured. “He beat my strength. I’m so happy. I’m a champion now.

Gary Russell Jr., photo/photo by Mark Magcio Boxing

“This is my dream, green belt [WBC featherweight title]. Every fighter is a dream. Magsayo said what his coach Freddy Roach told him during the fight, he would always tell me, “Mark, focus, throw the combos, and follow the game plan.”

“It depends on my promoter. If he’ll give Russell the rematch,” Magsayo said.

“We have to fight [#1 WBC 126-lb contender] Ray Vargas. “We got it mandatory,” Gibbons said of Magsayo, who needs to defend against his mandatory challenger for his new title.

We might fight again and then fight back, Gibbons said.

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