Terence Crawford will knockout Errol Spence predicts Tim Bradley

Tim Bradley is picking WBO Welterweight Champion Terence Crawford to stop IBF/WBA/WBC champion Errol Spence Jr. if that fight happens this year.

Bradley feels that Crawford’s hand speed, power, counter punching, toughness & switch-hitting ability will be too much for Spence (28-0.22 KOs), and ultimately stop the Texas native.

Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) remains a question mark in the minds of many boxing fans when it comes to pence because he’s never faced anyone nearly as good as Errol, and he’s getting old at nearly 35.

Errol’s recent tenth-round knockout win over WBA champion Yordenis Ugas on April 16th was a statement type of victory for him, showing what Crawford would be up against if the two meet later this year.

The way that Crawford had problems in his fight against the fossilized Shawn Porter, it’s not a good sign for him. Crawford wasn’t able to beat Porter in the trenches the way that Spence did.

Crawford has never fought anyone in a war in which he was getting bombarded with heavy head & body shots for ten to twelve rounds, and he might not be up to it.

Spence will be surprised by Crawford’s power

“He looked fantastic. I did see some holes, but that’s because of the long layoff,” said Tim Bradley to Fight Hub TV when asked about how Errol Spence Jr. looked in his victory over Yordenis Ugas on April 16th.

“I saw him get buzzed a couple of times in the fight. I know when a guy is buzzed, and that’s fine. He reacted in the right way because he’s a dog, and he put on a sensational performance.

“He captivated everyone’s mind and made everyone second guess. ‘Can Errol Spence beat Crawford?’ Everyone is saying, ‘Can he?’ Because of the volume and just the technique that he has. That could be a problem for Crawford.

“Activity and he’s so technically sound,” Bradley said about Spence. “That could be, but Crawford has so many nuances to his game, and he’s tough. If he needs to go get him, Crawford has got that in him.

“We seen how Porter got in him [Spence] and was able to take advantage of him. Well, you’ll see the same dog in Crawford and more. That dude can punch, and he’s so athletic and so physically strong.

“I think Spence is going to be surprised if they do get in the ring. If they do get in the ring, he’s going to be surprised how strong Crawford really is,” Bradley said.

Terence will KO Spence

“I’ll tell you this,” said Bradley when asked if Crawford will be able to handle Spence’s activity in terms of his high punch output. “I’m not Errol Spence, no, I’m not. I remember when I sparred him many years ago, Crawford. The more activity I did, the more I got hit.

“You think you’re going to be able to do that pressure? You are, but you’re going to take some s*** in return. He [Spence] broke his [Yordenis Ugas] orbital, but he didn’t knock him out. Crawford would knock him out.

“You’ve got to give him credit for that because he’s a hard puncher, but Crawford, he’s got that sting. He’d buckle you. If he buckles you, it’s a wrap. Night-night. If he this Spence and his legs go like that, it’s all she wrote. The best finisher in boxing, him [Crawford] and Tank Davis.

“The two best finishers, they’re getting rid of you. That’s all it takes is one. It’s going to be a great fight. You already know where my money is at [Crawford]. Good luck. Make the fight happen, man.

“Yes, no doubt about it,” said Bradley when asked if Crawford will stop Spence. “I say that because Errol has never faced anyone like Crawford. All the switching he [Crawford] can do, he can go from righty to lefty.

“When Crawford pinpoints, he has superior timing, speed, and power. Errol has never seen what he’s going to see. I’m telling you right now. He’s never seen anything like he’s seen in Crawford. I’m letting you know right now.

“It’s definitely both ways [both guys powerful], but the thing is, Errol is so fundamentally sound, it’s not hard to pick it up. It’s devastating, don’t get me wrong. You seen that with Ugas, but Crawford is different than Ugas.

“Ugas was able to hurt him several times in that fight. I don’t care what anybody says, he was buzzed. At the same time, if Crawford hurts him, I’m telling you, man. He’s going to finish him.

“Nobody thought that Crawford was going to be able to stop Shawn Porter. The daddy threw in the towel and all this stuff and water. Do you know what would have happened if he didn’t throw in the towel?

“Shawn Porter would still be asleep right now, and Shawn is my dog. His dad saved him from becoming embarrassed, from becoming a meme,” Bradley said.

Bradley picks Crawford

“My money is on Crawford”. Counter punching, fast, quick, can switch lefty, righty, and can hit him with his right hand. The right hand got in on him,” said Bradley.

“That right hand from ugas got in on him. Now imagine if Crawford hit him with that right hand. Bing, he’s going to feel it. The one thing that Crawford has got to worry about is the body shots that Spence is going to be throwing. Those are lethal, and they’ll take the power away.

“You have a guy like Crawford that has punching power late, that’ll be gone. You can see Ugas or Spence putting pressure on him and probably winning a decision. You never know. It’s a close fight. My money is still on Crawford by knockout.

“Spence has never seen anyone like Crawford. No, Crawford has never seen anyone like Spence either. I’ll go back the same way.

“If they don’t get Boots [Ennis] Now, and he keeps maturing and gaining confidence, he’s going to take over the welterweights. There’s no doubt in my mind. He has everything.

“But work on your defense, though. You’re going to get clipped. I’m letting you know, work on your defense, please. If he does that, Boots is going to be the man,” said Bradley.

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