The Boxing Hall of Fame (Retired in 2021)

by dry dothy: Due to previous Covid restrictions, the 3-year Boxing Hall of Fame will draw recruits in June. There are some amazing fighters honored in June and some pretty legendary in their first year of eligibility.

Also, 2020 was the first year for female boxers to be introduced, so it will feature some of the greatest women who ever wore gloves.

Since we’re just coming out of 2021, I thought I’d discuss some of the retired boxers from last year and whether they could be inducted into the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility in 2025 as well.

Class of 2020 (boxers only)

Hopkins, Marquis, Mosley, Frank Ern, Buddy Ryan, Barbara Putrick, Kristi Martin, Lucia Riker

Class 2021

Vlad Klitschko, Mayweather, Andre Ward, Laila Ali, Ann Wolff, Marian Tremier, Jackie Tonawanda, Davy Moore

Class 2022

Holly Holm, Miguel Cotto, Roy Jones Jr., James Tony, Regina Halmich

Retirees in 2021 (eligible in 2025)

Manny Pacquiao 62-8-2 (39)

2025 Induction – Yes

Futuristic induction – yes

Of course, there can be no doubt that Manny Pacquiao will be inducted into the Hall of Fame immediately in 2025. He is the only 8-team world champion in the history of the sport and is unlikely to ever be repeated.

This feat was only achieved because he was fighting in such low weight classes in his younger days only because he barely ate anything because he couldn’t afford to grow up and was a young teenager.

He was stopped twice at the beginning of his career really because he had so little strength in his body.

Although he had won a world title before he really came himself against the late Lehlu Lidwaba who died of Covid in 2021 when he won the IBF Super Bantamweight title in 2001.

When you consider that Pacquiao was still a world champion 20 years later, he’s almost superhuman.

In these two decades, Mexican legends Eric Morales, Marco Antonio Parreira and Juan Manuel Márquez all defeated twice, as well as Oscar de la Hoya, Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley and Tim Bradley, aged over 40. The Keith Thurman Years.

His contribution to the sport and as a role model for Filipino fighters and his people is unparalleled.

Carl Frampton 28-3 (16)

2025 Induction – No

future induction – no

In the summer of 2016, I was sure that Carl Frampton would be a Hall of Fame fighter. He just broke the unbeaten record of Mexican legend Leo Santa Cruz with an impeccable boxing performance.

Santa Cruz who became the World 4th Welterweight Champion was expected to win, so this victory put Frampton among the top 5 fighters of the P4P.

Since then, however, Frampton lost a rematch and had major legal issues with Barry McGuigan and his management company, thus never reaching those heights again.

He was still significant in those five years between 2016 and 2021 in defeating Nonito Donner and defeating the Battle of the Year against Josh Warrington.

He would have made the hall had he defeated Jamal Hering to become the three-weight world champion, which only 3 Britons (Bob Fitzsimmons, Duke Mackenzie, and Ricky Burns) did but he was never in the fight.

A great boxer, a great family man, and one of the best Northern Irishmen ever produced, but for me, he missed it.

Alexander Povetkin 36-3-1 (25)

2025 Induction – No

future induction – no

A great fighter with one of the best resumes / resumes in heavyweight boxing for the past 20 years.

He took the Olympic gold in 2004 so he fought through era 2 beating the likes of Chris Bird, Hashim Rahman and Ruslan Chagaev from the early days and the top contenders of this era were like Carlos Takam, Mahmud Shar and Dillian White.

Alexander Povetkin, Karl Frampton, Manny Pacquiao, Shawn Porter boxing photo and news photo

His only loss was to first champion Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua before losing to retirement to Dillian White.

The biggest negatives for Povetkin were two failed drug tests for Meldonium which led to the cancellation of a fight against Deontay Wilder and Ostarine against Bermaine Stiverne.

These are black marks on his character although both are somewhat misunderstood.

Worst of all, he never did a Wilder fight, which I feel would have had a good chance of winning at the time in Summer 2016.

Although he was good without a first class win and some controversies, he would just be considered a good fighter of his era but not a Hall of Famer.

Sean Porter 31-4-1 (17)

2025 Induction – No

Futuristic induction – yes

Few fighters can say they fought the best of their era, Sean Porter being one of them. Some lost but others won. You have to say he just failed the biggest fights of his career, just that.

The split lost to Errol Spence, the majority decision versus Kill Brook, by near unanimity against Keith Thurman, and stalled late in his final fight against Terrence Crawford.

He beat Devon Alexander, knocked out Paulie Malignaggi, and took victories over Adrien Broner, Danny Garcia and current WBA champion Yordenis Ugas.

Alexander Povetkin, Karl Frampton, Manny Pacquiao, Shawn Porter boxing photo and news photo

He was a two-time world welterweight champion and a great fighter in all games. I’m not sure he’s become a Hall of Fame fighter on his resume/biography alone, but Showtime Sean Porter is so much more than just a boxer.

He is the only current related boxer to have his own podcast and has worked on nearly every network covering sports due to his skills as an analyst.

He’s a great role model who can do anything to help anyone in this sport. He’s away from starring in a boxing movie soon. Because of all of this, I think he will eventually make the Hall of Fame because he is a fighter we will not forget and we will stay in the sport one way or another for the rest of his life.

Male Female

Cecilia Braikos 36-2 (9) has not officially retired, so she likely won’t be involved in the conversation. Jessica McCaskill claims to have retired but using social media Pricus, she is still an active fighter.

If she doesn’t pile again though, she’s definitely a Hall of Fame fighter. She only lost because she was close to 40.

She was the first undisputed champion and one of only 5 female fighters to achieve this. The Colombian/Norwegian Best of its Era beat Mikaela Lauren x2, Ann-Sophie Matisse, Mia St. John and Erika Annabella Farias, plus many other contenders.

Unfortunately, women’s boxing started to get the respect it deserves recently when she was at the end of her career. When she hangs her gloves, she will knock out the Hall of Fame.

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