‘The Duck season is over”

by Jim Calva: Shakur Stephenson sent a message on social media to let his fans know that “duck season” is now over after his Top Rank promoters staged a uniting fight against Oscar Valdez on April 30.

Until this week, the belief among many boxing fans about WBC featherweight super champ Valdez (30-0, 23 KOs) was that he It was the duck Talented undefeated WBO 130-pound champ Shakur Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) has been like the plague since turning professional for the first time in 2019. Lately, avoidance has gotten worse.

For some reason, Valdez finally agrees to take the fight to Shakur on April 30th, and people want to know if Bob Arum, the higher-ranking boss, has to. Put Oscar’s feet into the fire To get him to agree to fight.

Eddie Reynoso does not prevent Valdes against Shakur

Arum says Valdez coach Eddie Reynoso is in favor of letting Oscar get into the fight with Shakur, 24, but that seems far from the character of the exact coach, who also runs/coachs Canelo Alvarez.

Usually Reynuso does not give the go-ahead to allow his fighters to take on the opposition unless he is absolutely certain they can win.

The question is, what do Reynoso know and fans don’t know about Shakur Stevenson Being a suitable prey for Oscar Valdez?

Shakur Stephenson. It’ll break it up, manCoach Derek Bose Ennis told YSM Sports Media when asked who would win Stevenson’s fight against Oscar Valdez on April 30.

“I know quarrels when I see fights. Shakur will set him apart. Posey said when asked what would make him choose Stevenson to beat Valdez, “He can box, has good eyesight, knows how to move, and has good technique.

“He’s one of those guys, he’s an all-around fighter now, and he’s fighting a bit on the inside now too. Shakur can do everything man. Once he knocks it down [Valdez] When asked if Stephenson would be included in the pound-for-pound rolls after defeating Oscar, Ennis said, “Stop him and off, that would really be a thing.”

Stevenson warned Oscar Valdez

“Oh yeah, I’m wary of it,” Bossi said when asked if he’s been wary of Oscar Valdez because he’s tested positive for a banned substance in the past. “But you can get there. If you are a good fighter, you can beat him.

“You still win. You just have to know exactly what to do. These guys with steroids and stuff, I think they should ban them for life. They should never go back to boxing because they can kill someone in the ring with this ***.

“No, not at that time,” Bossi Ines said when asked if there was a steroid test back during his day as a fighter in the ’70s and ’80s. “No, we just fought. We didn’t know f*** what they were up to.

“They may have been at some moments, but it is not like now, and they are getting away with it. They are getting away with it. They are getting away with it,” Bossi said when asked if the fighters were intentionally using PEDs or if they were using the substances by mistake by taking things that contained prohibited substances.

It’s no accident. They know exactly what they are taking. “They can’t get around this much nonsense,” Innes said.

Hopefully we don’t see Valdez’s fight against Stevenson cancelled because of any funny things happening. Boxing fans want to fight this because the winner will be seen as the number one man at 130.

As far as Shakur goes, he needs to go to 135 if he manages to defeat Valdes on April 30 as the super featherweight division is a dead end for him.

Big money battles Shakur is lightweight, not super heavy, and he can’t bear to sit for years in the face of less opposition as he has been doing.

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