Tim Bradley worried about Errol Spence’s eye, says it might not be the same

by Chris Williams: Tim Bradley says he has some concerns about Errol Spence Jr.’s surgically repaired right eye, and feels it might not be the same at all.

Bradley stated that once the fighter underwent eye surgery, his eye wasn’t what it used to be. Spence sustained an eye injury last summer while training for a fight in August against Manny Pacquiao.

Although Spence had surgery to fix the problem, he hasn’t fought back since, and there are questions about whether he can return.

In the case of Spence, the IBF/WBC welterweight champion, he had a tough fight against WBA champion Jordenis Ogas in April. If his eye was still causing him problems, he might lose that battle.

If Spence loses to Ogas, the Cuban fighter will definitely face the 147-pound WBO champ Terence Crawford for the undisputed championship.

Ogas has already sent 42-year-old Pacquiao into retirement after stepping in as an alternative contender for the Filipino superstar last August. Will he send Augustus Spence into retirement, too?

Spence dominates the counter punches

“Erol Spence and Yordenis Ugas are on a March or April crash track,” Max Kellermann said on Max on Boxing. “Ogas, of course, beat Manny Pacquiao.

“He’s a good boxer, and a lot of people think he beat Sean Porter and they don’t get the decision, but Errol Spence is a next-level super fighter. How do you see that?”

“Yeah, he’s a next level fighter, I think, but I still think he’s running away from Terence Crawford, to be honest with you,” Tim Bradley said.

“How do I see this fight? It’s a tough fight but an easier fight than Terence Crawford’s. Jordenis Ogas, he’s a bartender. He’s an anti-boxer.”

“We saw Errol in the ring against counter-hitters. Danny Garcia was a hole puncher, Mickey Garcia was a counter hitter. We saw what he was up to. [Spence] It could do against those kinds of guys.

“He can orchestrate a jab from the outside. He can dominate from the outside, he can get around those guys’ guards. He can dictate speed. That’s what he’s going to do against Ogas,” Bradley said.

Counter-strikes are only good if they can hurt their opponents or get them to slightly slow their rate of action, I’m not sure that would work for Ugas vs Spence.

Punch resistance is very high, and he won’t hold back his attack to give him an advantage. Crawford is in the same boat as Ojas in that he’s a counter player who doesn’t shoot many shots.

If Crawford and Spence ever fought, we could see Terence cut to pieces by the massive hits from Errol.

Bradley was worried about Spence’s eye

My only concern in this battle is the eye [of Spence]Bradley said of the torn retina that was surgically repaired at Spence. “You have to understand. You cannot have hands. You cannot have feet.

“You have to have eyes to be able to see what’s inside the ring, and when one of your lenses is off, you have to understand that it tells your mind what you see. Your eyes tell your mind what you see.

“So, I think with Spence; I worried about his eyes. You won’t be 100%,” Bradley said. “Once you have surgery on something, it will never be the same. It is different.

“Going into this fight, I’m worried about the coordination and how he feels and how he sees, and all of those things are affected by his vision. So, I think it would be a good fight,” Bradley said.

It’s too soon to know if Spence’s eye will give him problems against Ugas, but it will be an easy fight for Errol if it doesn’t. Ogas’ low work rate would put him at the mercy of Spence, and he would end up taking the hit.

Ugas can’t be patient and wait

“I think Spence will rise to the top, but I think it’s a tough fight for him in that sense. In terms of style, I think his style favors him against the Ugas,” Bradley said.

“You make a good point about counter-hit, but it makes another good point about how good Spence would be if he was still his best,” Kellerman said. “If you try to be patient and respond, he has a big job an average.

“We’ve been able to dominate the good boxers by outperforming them in his defense and Japp Southbow. We’ve seen him chasing the guys. So he’s got good boxing skills, he’s a Southern ball player, he’s tall and great, and he’s got a quick twitch. [fibers] He down, has real punching power, and doesn’t wait.

“He has a high production capacity, he also has a good chin,Kellerman said of Spence. “It’s a big group, but, yeah, Terrence Crawford is the best match [for Spence].

“It’s a tougher fight than Godzilla. Terrence Crawford is the truth,” Kellerman said as he pumped an ESPN house fighter.

It’s nice that Bradley and Kellerman spent the latter part of their discussion pumping up ESPN house fighter Crawford, but the truth is that he’s apt to dump Spence like punch-proof ogres.

Crawford is a smaller, slightly weaker version of the Ugas, and has the same counter-hitting style with a lower rate of action. Terence has always been a combative boxer, which is why he has failed to gain much traction with boxing fans.

Watching counter strikes is often boring because they don’t drive, and they spend a lot of time waiting to hit a single counter. Counter-strikes are painfully boring to watch compared to fighters who press for action and throw combos.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Bradley and Kellerman, but Crawford will soon turn 35, and young black Yaron ‘Potts’ Ennis and Virgil Ortiz Jr. are after him.

There will soon be a time when Crawford will have to battle Potts and Ortiz. These guys will benefit from Crawford’s age and inability to drive when that happens.

Kellerman and Bradley built an image in their heads of Crawford that doesn’t really exist by seeing him as an unbeatable phenomenon. He’s a good fighter, but he has never fought anyone so talented at the age of 147 since he moved to the division in 2018.

It’s one thing for Bradley and Kellerman to praise Crawford if he had actually beaten an A-caliber opponent at 147, but he never did.

All of the players Crawford has defeated in the 147th are fighters who will lose to multiple heavyweights in the top 10.

I can’t think of anyone who fought Crawford at welterweight who would last for more than three rounds against Potts Ines or Virgil Ortiz.

When you hear Bradley and Kellerman knocking about how Crawford is the #1 guy in 147, they’re guessing. They don’t know because Crawford has never fought a talented welterweight, and may never have.

Crawford’s opposition in 147:

  • Amir Khan |
  • brook clock
  • Jose Benavides
  • Sean Porter
  • Jeff Horn
  • Egidigos Kavaliauskas

None of those men Crawford fought at the age of 147 are relevant in this day and age, which is why Bradley and Kellerman have no way of knowing if Terence is the #1 fighter.

Based on how Crawford struggled against Porter’s shell, Chris Williams chose these fighters to strike him:

  • Yordenis Ugas
  • Errol Spence Jr.
  • Virgil Ortiz Jr.
  • Jaron Potts Ines

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