Tyson Fury approves of Filip Hrgovic vs. Tony Yoka for final IBF eliminator to champion Usyk

by Jim Calva: Tyson Fury looks to meet the undefeated 2016 Olympics players Filip Hergovic and Toni Yoka for the FIFA knockout final next to determine the mandatory challenger to champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Some would argue that Fury’s recent intense interest in Usyk’s career as IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion rests on bitterness on his part, after he saw the Ukrainian oust Anthony Joshua last September.

What happened as it happened. It’s useless Crying in anger over spilled milk. Usyk was the better fighter of the two, and the money Fury would have made fighting AJ is now gone.

Usyk’s victory robbed Fury of the honor of meeting Joshua in the Undisputed Championship in the first quarter of 2022, which would likely inflate the gypsy king’s bank account by $100 million +.

Given the huge payment that Glide through Fury’s fingersOne can understand his desire to see Usyk lose to Hergovic against the winning Jukka. Unfortunately for Fury, it won’t change anything.

“gI saw a fight, you guys, @Filip_HrgovicTonyYoka,” Tyson Fury said on Twitter.

Losing Usyk to Hergovic or Yucca won’t bring back the $100 million he would have made fighting Joshua. That ship has sailed permanently.

Let’s say Fury faces Usyk later this year after Ukrainian Joshua retired with his second win in April in the rematch. In this case, the money Tyson would get from fighting the Ukrainian would likely not be close to the gold bars he would have earned from a match against AJ. why? Because Usyk is not as big a name in the UK or around the world as Joshua.

Yuka, the 2016 Olympic heavyweight gold medalist (11-0, 9 points) already beat Hrgovic twice in the amateur, using movement and clever boxing to beat him.

At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Hergovic chased Yuka around the track but was constantly stuck with shots.

Hrgovic (14-0, 12 KOs) had a hard time convincing one of the IBF’s top 15 competitors to face him.

Already, Louis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz and Joseph Parker have rejected FIFA’s offer for them to fight Harjović. Ortiz suffered a hand injury in his sixth-round knockout win over former Fifa heavyweight champion Charles Martin on Jan. 1.

As for Joseph Parker, he chose not to get into the fight with Hergovic because it was a small fight.

Hergovic and Yuka pose future threats to Fury’s reign as the WBC Heavyweight Champion, which is yet another reason why he’s happy to see the two tied. The loser in Hergovic’s fight against Yucca would be another minor threat that Fury needs to worry about.

In the case of Hergovic, he had a hard time trying to fight the big fights he needed to raise him up in the world rankings and turn him into a superstar in the heavyweight category.

If Yoka continues to dominate Hrgovic as he has shown in the amateur ranks, Fury needs to worry about the potential 6’6 Croat for the rest of his career.

Hergovic’s loss to Yuka would bring him back to square one in his career.

It’s taken Hergovic five years to get where he is now since he turned pro in 2017, and by the time he makes his way out of losing to Yuka, Rage will probably be retired, fat and rich.

Fury will make a huge amount of money without having to worry about facing the dangerous hacker Hrgovic, thanks to Yoka’s help.

The French Yuka has looked impressive lately, beating these excellent fighters:

  • Petar Milas
  • Joel Tamboe Gekko
  • Christian Hammer
  • Johan Dohoba
  • Michael Wallish
  • Alexander Dmitrenko
  • David Allen

The punch that Yuka instilled on Dave Allen in 2010 was intimidating, as he treated the British heavyweight like a punching bag, hitting him with punches until the contest was halted by one in the 10th round.

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