Tyson Fury could face Charr or Helenius next if Whyte fight doesn’t happen

by Charles Brown: Dillian Whyte pushed for a more significant purse split in his WBC-ordered fight against heavyweight champ Tyson Fury that might eventually cost him the bout.

According to promoter Bob Arum, Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) will not wait for Whyte to complete his legal dispute with the WBC. Fury will fight in late March or early April, whether it be against Whyte or Plan-B opponents Manuel Shar or Robert Helenius.

Ideally, Arum would like to strike a deal with Whyte this week for a Fury fight on March 26 to avoid a wallet bid scheduled for January 18. If no agreement is reached, Arum will continue to offer the portfolio under the final ruling of the 80/20 split by WBC.

In order for Arum to avoid making a wallet bid, he’ll likely need to increase Whyte’s pay close to 10 million dollars It is said that he wants to fight. With that kind of money, Whyte would probably get 30-40% for a Fury fight.

Arum already offered Whyte $5.5 millionwhich was rejected. If Whyte gives the $10M+ he’s asking for to fight Fury, he ends up losing money if the match fails to generate revenue to cover his bag costs.

Whyte is nowhere near as popular as Anthony Joshua in the UK, and his recent knockout loss and inactivity haven’t helped his popularity.

“If Dillian White is not going to fight, obviously We won’t keep Tyson Fury [inactive]Arum told TalkSport.

Although Whyte promoter Eddie Hearn has insisted that Fury-Whyte will be a huge fight, it may not be. Whyte hasn’t beaten anyone special for a very long time.

“Fury wants to fight and he wants to fight sooner rather than later,” Follow Arum. “We can look around, and get a decent, good opponent for him to fight if White isn’t available. You have guys like Robert Helenius and Manuel Char..”

Explaining that Fury’s career would not be disrupted by White’s legal battle with the WBC, Arum said: “Just look at the standings and pick a couple of players from among the rankings who might make decent opponents.”

The best win of Delian’s career came against Joseph Parker in a battered battle in 2018. Since then, Wyatt has faced less opposition, fighting Derek Chisora, 39, Marius Wach, Oscar Rivas, and Alexander Povetkin, 41.

Fury vs.

American fans don’t see Whyte as an exceptional talent that gets them excited to see Fury fight. The Americans want Fury to take on Oleksandr Usek or Anthony Joshua, not Wyatt.

Whyte and his promoter Eddie Hearn are appealing the 80/20 split ruling and pushing for a 55/45 split, something close to that number.

The 37-year-old WBA champion Recess Charr (32-4, 18 KOs) would be a suitable alternate opponent for Fury to face off if Whyte is still mired in quicksand with his legal case against the WBC.

In terms of US appeal, Char is no different from 33-year-old Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs), as neither is a household name, and Fury is expected to do all the heavy lifting to attract eyeballs to a fight between either of these.

Last May, Char returned to the ring after a four-year hiatus to stop a capable second-round knockout Christopher Lovejoy.

If he faces Fury Charr or Robert Helenius ‘The Nordic Nightmare’, it could cost him his WBC heavyweight title, but that’s a small price to pay for a return to the ring.

Fury will lose money if he remains inactive for the remainder of 2022, pending the conclusion of Whyte’s legal case with WBC, and Arum will not allow that to happen.

It might be best for Fury to vacate his WBC title and use his heavyweight titles at Lineal & Ring Magazine to put them on the line against Charr or Helenius. What is key is Fury back in the ring and staying sharp and ready to take on the winner of the Joshua vs. Usyk 2.

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