Tyson Fury says Joshua can beat Usyk if he trains him in Morecambe

By Craig Daly: Tyson Fury says the ONLY way the over-matched Anthony Joshua has any shot at defeating Oleksandr Usyk in their rematch in August is if he drags himself up to Morecambe Bay to let him do the training to prepare him.

Fury has no faith that Joshua’s new trainer Robert Garcia will be able to help him win the rematch with IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs) in Saudi Arabia.

If anything, Fury suspects that Robert will help Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) get knocked out faster by having him go on the attack from the opening bell, fighting hard, which will result in AJ gassing out or getting caught with a big shot.

Fury maintains that Joshua lacks the stamina, chin, and courage to fight in the way that Robert Garcia will be pushing him to do against Usyk.

Tyson doesn’t say what he would have Joshua do if he trains him because two of his problems involving his chin and conditioning have been there since he was an amateur and have been entirely resistant to improving.

“Hopefully, we’ll see me in the ring sometime soon. I’ll give you a brutally honest answer to this as always,” said Tyson Fury to Frank Warren’s Promotion when asked about his thoughts on Anthony Joshua hiring Robert Garcia to train him for his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

Unless Anthony Joshua gets his a** up to Morecambe and lets me train him for this fight, Robert Garcia and ten men will not let him beat Usyk. 1, they don’t know him 2, they don’t know what he’s got in his engine, and 3, he’s not a little Mexican that can go toe-to-toe with somebody for 15 rounds,” said Fury.

It sounds like wishful thinking on Fury’s part about him being able to fix Joshua like Dr. Frankenstein to resurrect the former #1 heavyweight in the division.

The reality is that Joshua is physically & mentally broken and can’t be put back together by a Dr. Frankenstein in his lab in Morecambe Bay. If anything, Fury might mess Joshua up even more mentally, ruining what little is left of the 2012 Olympic gold medalist.

Joshua got it wrong by giving his former trainer Robert McCraken his walking papers after his loss to Usyk last September. The game plan McCracken used, whether that was his idea or not, was the only one that had any chance of working against Usyk.

Joshua’s poor stamina is the main reason he failed to win because if he hadn’t gassed out so early, he likely would have beaten Usyk just by boxing him.

If Joshua chooses to tinker with his original game plan from the first fight and try and press Usyk, using Robert Garcia’s strategy, he will only tire out or get clipped early and get knocked out.

Robert will be telling Joshua to pressure Usyk from the word go, which will be a sheer disaster.

Fury knows it won’t work as well, and that’s why he’s begging AJ to let him train him for the fight because he doesn’t want him to lose.

“If he tries getting on Usyk from round one, trying to push him and being aggressive, he’ll gas out after four rounds and start hanging on around five and six and get stopped in seven,” Fury continued about Joshua.

“If he comes to Morecambe Bay and I teach him how to be a real fighting man for 12 rounds and how to deal with these little middleweight people, then he’ll get a win. But other than that, I see him getting beat again. Two and a round, and it’s over,” said Fury.

What Fury will probably show Joshua is the punch, grab & lean style that he uses.

That strategy involves throwing a punch and immediately falling forward to grab his opponent and then lean on them with all his 270+ lb weight. When the referee separates Fury from his opponent, he starts the process again with another single punch, followed by holding & leaning.

“If he wants to resurrect his career, please come up to the man that has never lost a fight in his life,” said Fury.

“I tell you what, I’d take that up because I really don’t see him beating him, I really don’t,” said Warren about Joshua heading for another loss against Usyk.

“I just don’t know what he can do to beat him because last time, he didn’t impose himself on Usyk. The thing about Usyk, I thought Usyk would get under his jab and work hard inside, but he didn’t. He was out-jabbing him from the outside.

“So, I don’t think he’s going to be able to do that, and I think Usyk boxed to order. To actually go out and box him. There were times that he [Usyk] wobbled him. Certainly, in that last round, he was gone. I think Usyk fancies that he can knock him over, and I feel that may happen,” Warren said.

“It depends on what Robert Garcia’s game plan is on how quick he wants him to get chinned,” said Fury when asked if he believes Usyk can knock out Joshua.

“To keep coming forward and putting pressure on someone like I have, you need to have two V-12 engines, and you need to be able to take punches as well, and you need to have balls like King Kong.

“None of the three of the above does he have,” Fury said about Joshua. “He doesn’t have the best engine in the world, he doesn’t have toughness, and he doesn’t have balls like King Kong.

“Other than that, he has the best game plan ever. Just putting on the front foot and attack is impossible for him because he doesn’t have the grit, determination, and the will. He doesn’t have any of the above to do it.

“The way I see him doing it is if he hits him with a big punch, which he didn’t do last time, trying to knock him out that way.

“But honestly, if he goes on that front foot and tries to be aggressive and all that with Usyk, I think he gets stopped inside eight rounds, and I mean that,” said Fury about Joshua almost doomed for defeat.

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