Tyson Fury vs The Ukraine

After attacking Oleksandr Usyk on social media, Tyson Fury found out that Wladimir Klitschko has now adopted the role of heavyweight big brother, Elliot Worsell writes.

So much of what makes Tyson Fury so charismatic and compelling is that he says either what other people think or what other people – most people – don’t even dare to think. He will speak, from time to time, unchanged, saying things he shouldn’t, and presenting the world with a version of events that most people know is nothing but the truth or even rooted in any kind of reality.

For years now, Fury has embraced this approach to the sport, retiring on a whim, only to aAfter days of retiring, or calling up opponents from other sports, he knows he has little or no chance of actually fighting back. He’s also commented on topics outside his field of expertise – i.e. hitting people – and has found himself as a result, more than once.

Sometimes even when discussing the topics in which it is is being Well-versed, Fury finds himself stuck or dancing to the beat. Sometimes, too, even when releasing the kind of caption that only Tyson Fury can produce, he finds himself at risk of counter-shots he’s never seen coming before.

That scenario happened yesterday, of course, when Fury felt motivated to mock British rival Anthony Joshua for surrendering to Oleksandr Usyk the same belts he, Fury, won from another Ukrainian, Wladimir Klitschko, in 2015. What started out as a bit fun, nothing more From Fury being Fury, and then taking an ugly turn when Fury starts accusing Usyk, one of the two best in the world, of being fortified with drugs.

“Do you know what I do not believe?” Fury asked in a social media video filmed during the workout. “AJ (Anthony Joshua) has gone and given Ukraine all the heavyweight belts after all my hard work stealing them, you useless mega coil.

“I let my little steroid guy come from a mid-weight and put you down and take all of your belts.

“Now it would take a true British Lancaster bomber like myself to go loosen the little ’tilting head’ of the belts and bring them back to Britain!

“You useless swindlers. Honestly, bring them to me. I am the ‘Gypsy King’. Bring them to me and I will put them in their place. I will relieve them of their belts again.”

Had he not mentioned the PEDs, it would have been a nice little story, a reminder that Fury, one day fighting Usyk, was looking to reclaim everything he won over six years ago now – against another Ukrainian, no less. However, with Fury being Fury, he had to go ahead with the move, and it wasn’t long before one of Usyk’s citizens, Wladimir Klitschko, jumped into Usyk’s defense.

Klitschko tweeted: “Tyson Fury you live in a glass house, and someone needs to take your stones off.” “It wasn’t long before our battle that you tested positive (for performance-enhancing drugs). Anyone can Google it. Keep it classy!!! #usykchampion #ukraine #hypocrite.”

Work photos / Lee Smith

For clarity, Usik, the man accused by Fury, has yet to test positive for any banned substance during his professional or amateur career, while Fury unfortunately failed a test for nandrolone, a banned anabolic steroid, in 2015, for which he served a retroactive ban. For two years in December 2017. (At the time the positive test was revealed, Fury intentionally denied taking the drug, claiming that it got into his system because he ate an unsedated wild boar.)

Klitschko was entitled, then, to give Fury a taste of his own medicine, even if there was nothing whiter than white in a sport like boxing and no one really He knows what goes on behind the closed doors of greenhouses. Indeed at present, with so much complicity and so much cover-up, it is difficult to tell who was clean and who was not, who was clean and who did not, and, moreover, which fights were just and which were not. R.

Regardless, Tyson Fury has his version of events and, as usual, sticks to it.

“It’s a pity that someone can’t be you because you can’t even shoot in 12 shots, dude,” he spat at Klitschko via social media. “Now Grandpa, time has taken you away! You and Osik together can’t beat a guy like me! #GypsyKing.”

Then he added, “Vladimir, you have some cheek to come back after all these years and open your big mouth.

“You never dropped a punch; I took off all your belts. These used to belong to you, and now they belong to me, you useless file… Keep dreaming.”

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