Wladimir Klitschko reminds Tyson Fury about his positive test for PED

Today, Wladimir Klitschko shot a shot at Tyson Fury on social media by reminding him of his positive test for a performance-enhancing drug. [PED] before their fight in 2015.

The reason why retired former heavyweight champion Vladimir spoke today is his reaction to Fury’s comments about fellow Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk on Tuesday as he said this on social media:

I let the little steroid guy [Usyk] Get up from the middleweight and go ahead and take all of your belts.

Fury was commented on by former IBF, WBA, and IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in his unanimous 12th-round loss to USIC (19-0, CHECKPOINT 13) last September 25 in London, United Kingdom.

“Tyson_Fury, you live in a greenhouse, someone needs to take your stones off,” Wladimir Klitschko said on social media. “It wasn’t long before we fought where You have already tested positive. Anyone can google it. Keep it classy!!! #usykchampion #ukraine #hypocriteusykaa. “

Fury’s boxing fans might not be happy to see Vladimir tell him he’s a hypocrite about doping. However, there is no denying that Tyson tested positive for PED Nanondrolone in 2015.

Although Fury would later defeat IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Klitschko later that year by unanimous 12-round decision in Düsseldorf, Germany, the fact that Tyson tested positive for PED Nandrolone earlier in the year has Remove the gloss.

There was no asterisk next to Fury’s victory More than Wladimir in the record books due to his positive test for Nandrolone. However, he takes credit that Tyson would have taken to some boxing fan if he had not been shown to be a performance-enhancing drug that year.

Vladimir and Fury were supposed to have a rematch in April 2016, but Tyson gained too much weight, suffered an ankle injury and lost motivation.

It is possible that Vladimir defeated Fury in the second fight, given that he knew what he had done wrong in the previous contest, and hadn’t physically left himself the way the ‘Gyspy King’ had. At the time of Fury’s life, he was said to have ballooned to 330 pounds after living it off from his victory over Vladimir.

Fury reacted as Andy Ruiz Jr did after his surprise victory over Anthony Joshua in June 2019. In the rematch, Ruiz gained a lot of weight from eating, partying, and not training and eventually lost all three belts to Joshua.

Tyson was not happy about Joshua losing the three titles he held for a brief period in November 2015 after defeating WBO/WBO/WBF heavyweight champion Vladimir.

The Ukrainian was 39 at the time and not quite the fighter after losing his coach Emmanuel Steward, who passed away three years earlier in September 2012.

It wouldn’t help Joshua Faure Fury shame him about his loss to Usek and lecture him about losing his three titles.

Joshua isn’t good enough to hold any titles at this point in his career, so he won’t be able to keep his belts if he gets them back in the rematch with Usyk in April.

There are plenty of heavyweights waiting in line to beat Joshua if he’s lucky and reclaim his three titles. Joshua is someone who will remain as famous as Derek Chisora, but he won’t be able to stay on top as world champion for long if he takes back his three belts from Usic next April.

Given Fury’s recent performance and noting his physical deterioration due to age, it’s possible that he won’t hold his WBC title for long either. Let’s face it, Fury and Joshua’s time at the top is dwindling, and it may soon be over.

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