WWE Royal Rumble: 30-Woman Royal rumble Match

30 Women Royal Rumble Match

We’re back at ringside and Jimmy Smith with Corey Greaves and Byron Saxton. There was still debris all over the ring area due to what happened at the opening. Mike Roma provides introductions and directs Sasha Banks to pop first. Next comes former WWE Women’s Champion Melina, back on the red carpet and everything.

Banks and Melina have a few words and laugh at each other in the middle of the ring. Melina kicks but Banks grabs her and kicks her in the face. Banks grabs Melina and easily throws her over the top rope to pop. Melina has been eliminated. Banks drops a split and jeers Melina more, while Melina also makes a slit on the ground in ringside row. Tamina Snuka will come out after that.

Banks attacks Tamina from the apron as she approaches the ring, then nails Meteora from the apron to the floor. Banks brings Tamina to the ring and tries to throw her over the top rope, but Tamina wins and saves herself. Banks holds Tamina in a large bulldog off the table. Tamina was in the corner when Banks bent her knees, then a second time. Banks are working on getting rid of Tamina again but they are clinging. Tamina raises the bar for banks with a header. The hit songs come next to former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly.

Banks is sent to the apron but it clings. Kelly enters her and goes to her with Tamina, fixing her back elbow in the corner. Tamina exits from the corner and Kelly flattens while Banks watches from the corner. Banks attacks Tamina while she is working at Kelly. Banks and Kelly Changle & Banks eliminate Kelly. Kelly is eliminated and Banks laughs at her. Aaliyah is out next.

Banks and Alia go to him now. Alia with theses piston and two large hands. Tamina stops to celebrate Aaliyah and they go to him, but Alia keeps getting drunk. Banks are trying to get rid of Alia over the top rope now. Alia resists but Banks drops her on her knee. The timer starts and the next participant is Liv Morgan. She rushed to the ring and started to fight. Banks and Morgan are now tangled. Liv almost knocked Banks out of the ring, but Banks held out. Tamina saves Banks and sends Morgan to the corner. Morgan with a missile dropped to Tamina. Banks are back in business in Aley but Morgan rescues them. Liv drops Banks on him in the corner and points to the WrestleMania 38 mark. The four are now fighting in the corner. Banks with the three Aliyah suplexes to honor WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Next comes the successful and leading musician of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Zelina Vega.

Tamina forbids Vega from trying to get rid of the banks. Tamina works in banks now but Vega goes back and puts the banks on the floor. Banks are abolished. Bianca Belair is outside next to the pop. She rushes to the ring, swinging her hair. Belair runs Leaf, then Tamina drops. Fans cheer for Belair as she crushes Tamina’s head in the center of the ring. Belair resists Leaf and sends her to the apron, but she clings. Belair kicks off Liv on the apron and hits the moon to Vega. Tamina stops Belair from hitting Vega on the ground. The next timer and entrant is WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, who comes with Reggie. Brock enters and attacks Alia, but she cannot get her out. Brook tries to get rid of Vega, but Tamina stops her. Brooke with kicks to Tamina now.

Brooke drops Tamina and brags about each other. Brooke with a springboard elbow to Belair in the corner. Brooke with a large neck crusher for Lev. Vega and Brock quarrel now. Belair tries to eliminate Aley. Liv is trying to get rid of Belair while she is busy. The next entrant is former WWE Champion Michelle McCool. McCall enters the ring and runs away. Brock is fired but Reggie grabs her and saves her, putting her back in the apron. McCall with abuse, including Faithbreaker to Vega or possibly Belair. McCool kills Brock, but Tamina drops McCool from behind. Sonya Deville is 11th.

Deville wears her jacket so she’s in charge. Deville joins broadcasters for comment. Natalia is out in 12th. Natalia enters but Liv attacks her and dumps her. Natalia sends Liv into the apron, but she fights again. McCall’s running high in the corner. Belair scooped Natalia but she stuck. Tamina Grave Beller. Natalia comes from behind and throws them but Belair holds up. Tamina has been eliminated. Belair and two others try to get rid of Natalia but she sticks. The next entrant is Cameron to the Funkadactyls Music. Deville teases Cameron’s elimination because she might be Naomi’s girlfriend. Deville takes off her jacket and looks at her while Cameron hands the motions to the others. Deville rushes into the ring and flattens Cameron while petting her. Deville sends Cameron into the apron but she clings. Deville runs it to center of the ring and Cameron is eliminated.

Naomi comes out in 14th and Deville looks a little worried. Naomi goes and checks on Cameron, then enters the ring and quarrels with Deville. Naomi with Deville’s big jump kick. Naomi sends Deville into the apron and then runs off. Deville has been eliminated. Natalia comes from behind but Naomi prevents the elimination. The next entrant is WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella, 15th.

Carmella slowly walks around the ring and takes her time. She stops and talks to Corey Graves. Belair is working on McCool in the ring now. High working on Liv. Rhea Ripley comes in at number 16 next to the big pop hits. Ripley takes Carmella from ringside and rolls her in, then goes to work. Natalia lifts Ripley with a clothesline. Naomi and Natalya double-team McCool. Team Vega and Carmella Double Ripley. Ripley sends a htem into the apron and then kills them both at the same time. Ripley continues to dominate, hitting people head-on in the rug. The next entrant in 17th place is SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Belair and Naomi are on the verge of eliminating Natalia. Flair enters the ring and settles Ripley and then Alia. Flair eliminates High and continues to dominate other stars. Flair kicks Naomi into the apron but she clings and looks to perform a stunt but Devil runs and drags her to the floor. Naomi has been eliminated.

Flair and Liv are going to him now. McCall, Beller, and Liv try to get rid of the flair. The next entrant at No. 18 is WWE Hall of Famer Ivory. Ivory shows up in her RTC gimmick and keeps talking about the long time but not much has changed and it’s hard to look at these little girls, these little stray girls. Ripley approaches the ivory and scoops it up. Ivory still bangs loudly on the mic while Ripely puts her on the mic, then shoves her on the floor. The ivory was discarded, while still crying at the microphone.

WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella is out at number 19. Brie runs several stars as her fans cheer for her. Brie screams and tries to get rid of Natalia but she stuck. Liv is working on McCall. Brie works on Natalia. Blair and Ripley are a dual team of taste. The next entrant at #20 is Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James and she has brought the title belt with her. McCall drops Mickey before she can get in and they go to her in the ring. Mickey drops McCall and then raises his voice. Alicia Fox is out in 21st. Fox enters the ring with kicks and ax kicks. Flair works to get rid of Natalya but she clings. Mickey ended up dumping McCaul but that probably wasn’t planned. Nikki Ashe is out of 22nd.

Ripley is waiting for Nikki but she runs from the other side. Nikki grabs Ripley from behind and tosses her into the apron, but Ripley resists and fights back in the ring. Nikki goes under the lower rope to the floor. Ripley’s flair decks out from the back. Summer Rae enters 23rd and goes with Natalia. They trade big slaps and Ray hits it with a big kick. Ray’s taste levels are celebrated. Natalia kills Ray. WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella is out at number 24. The Bella Twins work together. Bellas drops Beller’s face first into the rug. They miss the Big Five together but then get rid of the fox. Fox has been eliminated. Sarah Logan is out at number 25.

Logan unpacks and directs both The Bella Twins. Liv and Logan share a moment with the riot squad but are attacked by Bellas. Bellas eliminates Logan. Liv flies on them but they send her to the apron. Liv fights but Bellas kills her as well. The next entrant at number 26 is the WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The Bellas family waits to fight but Lita takes them out. Mickey drops Lita from behind as fans head toward Lita. Lita sends Mickey into the apron but she fights again. Lita with a large DDT and Mickie is eliminated.

Flair and Lita face each other and then go to him. Next up at number 27 is WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly. Nikki Ash immediately attacks ringside Molly and destroys her, sending her into the ring steps. Lita and Flair are on top of the fighting fork now. Nikki brings Molly into the ring and gives her some dolls. ASH kills Molly. Newcomer #28 is Ronda Rousey and she’s out to pop mega. Others in the ring were also shocked, including Flair and The Bellas. Rousey rag-dolls Nikki and Nikki at the same time, then takes out Nikki Ash with a piercing kick. Nikki B pleads from the apron. Brie swings at Rossi but misses and hits Nikki. Then Brie accidentally removes Nikki. Rossi is dumping on Berry now. Schotze is out in 29th.

Russian kills Berry. Rossi dumps Belair in the corner now. Ripley draws a Russian from behind. Natalia and Flair go into it. The final entrant at number 30 is Shayna Baszler. Rossi and Baszler have a moment and Baszler drops Ripley and takes it from Rossi. Pazler beats many stars, hitting Lita in the face. Rossi returns to work at Ripley and she is down. Rossi and Baszler smile at each other again but then resist each other to fight but Flair interrupts and Baszler falls. Natalia grabs Rossi but Rossi kneels her on the ropes. Rossi sends Natalia into the apron but she clings. Schutzi collides with Rossi and Rossi kicks her in the head, then kills her. Schutzi has been eliminated. Rossi works on Natalia but Belair comes and kicks Natalia out. Natalia was eliminated by Belair. Natalia comes back inside and attacks Rossi, but Rossi sends her outside.

Lita drops flair with a touch of history. Ripley attacks Lita against the clamps. More excitement between Lita and Ripley. Lita goes to the top for Swanton but Ripley kicks her into the apron. Flair is running and kicks Lita to the floor to boos. Lita has been eliminated. Ripley works to get rid of Rossi but she clings. Ripley fights Flair and Rosie. Ripley sends Rousey to the center of the ring but Flair kicks Ripley to the ground. Ripley has been eliminated. Belair tries to get rid of Flair now but she returns. The excitement continues among the remaining stars. Belair tries to land KOD Baszler. Flair is running around and tossing them both. Baszler and Beller were eliminated.

Flair and Rousey are now facing off in the ring as fans show up. They go at it and accuse Flair but Rossi immediately throws her over the top rope on the floor. Taste has been eliminated.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

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