WWE SmackDown preview (Jan. 14, 2022): The roster is a huge mess

Smackdown Broadcasting tonight (January 14) with a live show from Chi Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. This is the second Smackdown An episode in four weeks building towards Royal rumble On January 29.

The SmackDown menu is a big mess

the Smackdown The roster is now in disarray due to a combination of injuries, poor bookings and releases.

Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks, King Woods and Shinsuke Nakamura have all been sidelined due to injuries. These four wrestlers rank among the most powerful reserved characters on the show, outside of The Bloodline, which leaves Smackdown List without any viable or interesting contenders for most titles.

No viable threat world champion Roman Reigns is on the list. Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and Happy Corbin are the top three Smackdown The gladiators available for a Clan Chief match, but anyone who’s been paying attention to the show knows that none of them stand a chance against the head of the table. Rather than elevate one of them to the main event level with Roman, WWE made the smart decision to bring in Seth Rollins from raw.

He will challenge Seth Reigns for the title at Royal rumble. There is a lot of history between these two guys going back to the days of The Shield, and Seth at least has a chance of winning the match. Rollins is expected to appear in Smackdown Tonight, as he will surely remind us all of how successful he was against Romain in the singles competition.

Moving on to the tag team section, the Usos are Smackdown Team Champions CardLast week, they put the new day aside for good. the top three Smackdown Teams now available to get access to champions include Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss, Los Lotharios and Viking Raiders. The problem with this group of teams is that heel matches (Corbin/Moss and Lotharios) don’t make for interesting TV versus Usos, while the much-loved face team (Viking Raiders) just worked with Corbin and Moss last week.

Injuries to Woods, Nakamura and Ridge Holland knock some other teams out of the mix. Hit Row is also unavailable, because WWE released the entire faction shortly after last October’s draft.

Looking down the list, WWE can definitely right something together. There are interesting wrestlers roaming around like Ricochet, Mansour, Mustafa Ali and Cesaro. The problem, of course, is that they were all trapped in the ground. Ricochet and Cesaro in particular lost what was effectively a handicap match against Sheamus in day 1. Mansour and Mustafa Ali rarely appear on television. All of these baby faces are a bunch of losers, including the Viking Raiders, a problem now nibbling WWE in the ass.

The women’s department is no better. Charlotte Flair is Smackdown female champion. the Smackdown Among the wrestlers available to challenge her are Naomi, Xia Li, Alia, Natalia, Schutzi, and Shayna Pazler. Lee actually disappeared from TV after debuting last month. Charlotte beat Naomi last week. Shayna Pazler is a passive activist for Sonya Deville, hasn’t won a televised match in over two months, and hasn’t breathed individual gold since WrestleMania 36 The year 2020. Aley doesn’t get time to watch TV. Schotze and Natalia are mid-heeled shoes and don’t match well with the heel champion.

The situation was bad enough that Flair had to get herself into the Women’s Royal Rumble match, even though she’s the champ and it doesn’t really make sense for her to be in that match. Just as with Rollins, this was probably the best decision WWE could have made given the disappointing state of the division. It’s very reasonable that Flair wants to dominate the domain and choose her domain WrestleMania Discount. Flair still needs to do things Smackdown TV, though, and it’s not clear how she’s going to pass the time since she’s surrounded by a menu that’s not quite up to it.

The bottom line is that a file Smackdown The slate is a huge mess right now, and it will take more than just Seth Rollins appearing in tonight’s episode to fix many of these glaring issues.

Other things to watch

Brock Lesnar has yet to announce tonight’s episode of Smackdown. Looks like Seth, Roman, and Shanky will have to take on the burden.

Sami Zayn is Nakamura’s number one competitor transcontinental address. Nakamura is dealing with a hand injury, so Zayn has spent the past week working with Rick Boggs and kicking Johnny Knoxville out of the ring. This isn’t exactly the best way to get fans to watch a future championship match between Zane and Nakamura. But Zayn is basically a comedian, so he’s there to be turned into an idiot.

Sonya Deville kept messing with Naomi last week, this time spoiling her in a match against Flair. The story between Sonya and Naomi started out hot but has been oscillating for some time.

– Sheamus announced the Royal Rumble match. There are plenty of lovable face jabronis on the menu who can eat his brog kicks as he gears up for the big match.

Is Xia Li going to wrestle on TV? Her first match on the main roster should come against Natalya, if WWE decides it’s worth showing on TV.

What are you going to look for? Smackdown tonight?

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